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  • Hi There, I have a question about the S3 I was hoping you would be able to help me with as I noticed your S3 in your video does the same thing. In the notification bar there is a space on the left before your icons. I never had that before today and I have no idea why. They used to always line up to the left, but now there is a space then an icon. I saw yours doing that in the video too. Any idea why that happens and how to fix it? Thanks!
    just wondering if u can help me with a sillly question. 1st time on android. what does turning off the data transfer do ? would you advice me to keep it off all the time ? would i still be able to receive and send text messages and calls ?

    thanks in advance
    hey buddy. sorry for the random message, but it seems as though u know alot about the samsung galaxy s!

    i would like your help if you dont mind, just a few questions
    i bought my galaxy s GT-I9000 not a long time ago.. and ive read up quite abit about the rooting, flashing lag fixes and roms and all that. but it doesnt seem ver ystraight forward.

    it is definitely alot more diffcult than jailbreaking the ipod. well my question is, what is the latest lag fix/ root there seems to be so many out there. and also, what is flashing and romming. if i want to get the 2.2 firmware and get free paid apps. what needs to be done? thanks in advanced
    much appreciated, derrick
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