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  • Hi I'm new to the forums and rooting and have some question's if you have the time to explain to a person that knows nothing about programs or computers. I want to root my Droid 1 running 2.2.3 frk76 and heard your way will work. I do have windows Xp but it has no internet access. Can I save the files on my phones SD card and transfer to my computer that way? Also I'm still very confused about the whole process, can you please help me and explain in a way I can understand? Sorry to be so difficult, thanks
    I am having an issue with an lg vortex. there was a post referencing the exact problem i am having titled Stock recovery coming back/Custom recovery wont stick.
    however the download link seems to no longer be good. I was wondering if you still have the file and know of a way i could get a copy of that.
    Hi OMJ
    I Need Some Help Please,
    I have been playing around with Beagle Board( XM ), With OS ( Android ). I have a problem which is critical, My project is Developing Augmented Reality Application which needs to use a usb camera. We are searching for a camera that work with android. We need to know camera types available and about drivers.

    Kindly Inform Me With Any Resources May Help Me to Solve the Problem.

    Please Mail Me at
    You seem to be the man around here and if you don't mind I could use your help. I bricked my droid a while ago and it was shortly replaced with an incredible. just recently the droid was unbricked but still not hooked up with big red. I will most likely keep it this way but am trying to install froyo without rooting it, so far I have installed FRG01B and it worked fine. However I cant't seem to find an to finish off the process to end with FRG22. You seem to know an immense amount atound here so I was wondering if you could help with advice or a link to the file I need. Thanks alot, I really am grateful with anything you can offer.

    I truly appreciate all you do for the Droid community, your guide is so excellently written, I don't know why I'm having any problems.

    I updated to part two of the official 2.2, and I knew, and did lose my root. Androot and EasyRoot both failed for me (I used Androot before) so I went back to your guide.

    I installed the correct driver (Thanks for the link) and went back to step 13.

    As soon as I clicked start, it said a sentence that basically meant "Failed".

    I read at the beginning of your Windows guide that you said a wipe is required, so I believe that's the problem. How should I wipe my phone though? Just a factory reset or what?

    Thank you, once again, so much for all of your patience and understanding.
    Hey, I asked a question yesterday, I got the Nandroid backup to work, thanks.

    I have another question if you don't mind. I wanted to update to FRG22D with your guide, but I read in the comments that it caused people to lose root and wouldn't let them re-root, has this been fixed or is it still like that?

    And; I'm planning on installing a custom ROM soon, so should I not bother updating at all?

    I have to say, you have amazing patience with the people you help on here. I work on a helpdesk, so I know what it means to stay cool under constant fire. Do you work with the public during your daytime job? Kudos to you.
    I have a quick question about these forums, I've posted to a few threads and I wanted to "search" for these to see what the responces were/if I answered someones question satisfactoraly. Is there anyway to do this?
    I have received an update request from vzw.

    My phone is:
    Phone: Motorola A855 Droid
    Android Version: 2.2
    Baseband Version: C_01.43.01P
    Kernel Version: android-build@apa26 #1
    Build Number: FRG22
    Carrier: Verizon, USA

    I accepted the request, the phone rebooted and dropped into the SP Recovery boot screen where there was an error stating that the had been 'blocked'. I went into the install menu, enabled installation, and attempted to do an installation from

    The update failed stating that there was no on the sdcard.

    I then rebooted; successfully I no longer have the update request and settings indicates that the phone is up to date.

    I had thought that I was up to date with FRG22, and was surprised to see the update request from vzw.

    So, am I fully up to date? Any way of knowing?

    okay one other question (sorry to be a bother) but I have an HTC Droid Eris...will his ROM still work? I don't seem to have any downloadable ROMs in the ROM Manager app available to me.
    Yeah sorry. Here is the link Buuf CM/Dwang/TheOfficial/manup Eclair 01/14/10 - xda-developers

    It looks like the DL links are dead now. And I noticed on a forum at one point you had DL'd the BUUF theme. I was wondering if you still had it? (Metamorph file)
    Hey what's up man! Can i ask you for a favor? Is there anyway you can send me the "Metamorph] Buuf CM/Dwang/TheOfficial/manup Eclair 01" Zip or at least the wallpapers...i'm lovin the wallpaper but i can't DL the link anymore or know anyone who has it.
    I have a Moto Droid running V.2.1 update 1, I JUST rooted my phone I have SPRecovery, loaded Titanium Backup and backed everything up. I want to load Bugless Beast (or another ROM that a lot of support is available for in case I have a problem. (I don't know what version or where to get it) My build on my phone is ESE81. Sorry if I am being a pest, I just want to do this right and not create a mess with my phone!
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