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  • p_025 I also wants to ask You that will any Custom Rom of Backflip, Qliq, Milestone, Droid or Droid 2 Smartphone will work on Devour? I mean....wud it be possible....coz they are quite similar Devices.....and most of them can run Android 1.6 so the Devour as well....
    I found the link for the Custom Roms: hv a look on it.
    TheUnlockr | Motorola ROMs

    I was wondering to try it. But if I failed, wud it be possible to Backup my Device with CALAND_X_01.15.08P_MONSTER_01.sbf file provided by u above? Explain me how wud I do it if it happens.
    Originally Posted by p_025
    If your Devour is still active on a line with Verizon, both wifi and 3G should still work. All you have to do is reactivate the phone by dialing *228. If the phone is not active on any line then 3G simply won't work. But wifi can still work, see here for details.
    No....I'm not with Verizon. Actually the story is: I've bought this device online frm EBay. Changed its PRL to work on another network(Indian Wireless Service Provider). I can make Calls & Text. Permanently Bypassed the Motoblur by ur Guidelines, But after that can't Access Wifi Internet. I'm still not sure will the 3G/2G Internet will work on it or not. I desperately wants to use EVDO service in it.
    So It really depends on You. Your Help finding the clue regarding the Internet malfunction will really help me out.
    waiting for ur reply....

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