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  • Sorry; I don't come here very often, I'm on xda almost daily.

    The Arnova 10 G2 doesn't have BT, and I haven't seen any custom firmware/ROM that enables it. I got mine up to Finless' 2.2b Pro, and was able to use V6 to Supercharge it, but at its best, it was slow, and had to be reset more often than I'd like. I couldn't ever get Flipboard to run properly on it, and eventually it stopped running any of the Angry Birds games.

    I actually returned it to stock and have it listed on ebay now, since I recently picked up an Asus Transformer Pad TF300T, which is all around a much better unit (but also twice the price or more of an Arnova).

    If you just want to watch video, the Arnova can handle that; but once you have a Nexus, even a 7", you won't really want to mess with the Arnova any more.
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