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  • Here ya go... Just in case. One of the main reasons I like it so much is that it has alternate symbols on the keys so I can keep it on letters most of the time without having to switch the key display for numbers or symbols too (remember the recent conversation about useful apps?). Anyways, that's my theory and reasoning. Hope it helps!
    Hey Shinru, would it be even moderately helpful in making your ROM one of the best by giving u free access to the Jellybean 4.2 Full keyboard? It's kinda been my fav since u put the free version in Shinjitsu and I bout the paid version for complete control/access to everything (including dictionary) on keyboard since it also has built in Swype. No charge, just wanna do my part in helping give CM10 a good competition... And I really love ur work.
    Yes sir, the voice dialer was definitely on my short list of wants/needs. I kinda try to turn my phone into a daily use toolbox of needs that make sense as I'm also an electrician (I kept the stock news/weather app from the deodex file I lost cuz Google no longer has a news feed to access w/ my browser :D).. Instead of stuff like Facebook, Twitter, ect that can be accessed within the browser ( not needing apps, saving RAM space). I thought the voice dialer was a decent idea cuz I've had to use it before due to booboos from having too much fun (read my thread, lmao) it's funny after the pain goes away, lol. But anyway, if you can add the voice dialer back it would be like the cherry on top next to the sprinkles (voicemail notifications) of your perfect "Awesome ROM" sundae. :smokingsomb: You are the MAN!! :cheers: CM10 has a lot to live up to, to be adequate competition. :D
    Hey Shinru, I am a big fan of your work! I have a couple questions tho: 1 - is there any way I can get a copy of your of the stock apk's you removed to make the badass Awesome Android ROM you created? The reason: I wanna add the voice dialer/command back to and incorporate into your ROM on my phone (I started a thread) so you won't have to add it in any updates.
    2: can you find a way to make it work with or without any updates cuz ppl are saying that they can't get the apk file to function. (I'm just trying to personalize my phone to my needs without forcing other ppl to have the app if they don't want it). You deserve madd Props for the extensive work u do. I would be more than happy to buy you a few cups of coffee for this... You are the MAN!!
    Greetings from Etown!
    Just wanted to say thanks for all your work on the ZTE Warp Sequent. I have a Prevail now but I'm looking to upgrade. Your work and support on the phone has me just about convinced.
    hey shin when you get a chance, the AE engine when u put it on your phone did u do it with adb, you said you ran into problems and used root explorer. Im curious when i used root explorer and did it, the phones stops as well as gapps. they force close, was wondering if you may have done something a little different. Oh and it seems nearly any program that connects to usb wont work either, which i believe is related to the media process. ill be on irc, wrpsequent later on. Thanx bro keep up the good work.
    Did a trade with Shinru2004, and he paid very fast and is a great guy to deal with. Hope to see to you in the future buddy! Thanks a lot.
    I literally just bought a Warp today and want to try out your ROM (I hear its by far the best out there.) But your download link on dropbox is broken. Apparently they disabled your public link account due to high traffic. Do you have any mirrors up?
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