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  • Hi good evening. I would like to ask your advice since I have no idea how android really works and all. Can I download free games ( full version) just like a jailbroken ipod touch?
    or are all the best games paid for?
    Hey.. thnks for the reply...
    I knew dat the OTA wd b free.. bt i ws thinkin if while tryin to update d fone i myt get d pop up update nt available 4 ur country or smthng lyk dat jus to piss me off :)
    but den i guess d fone comes unlocked from htc itself.. unlike d ifone which u hv to jailbrk.. so d updates shd wrk...
    thnks 4 d help :)
    Hi Spencer,

    Do you think it is a good idea to get the DHD from clove?? That is the only site which will deliver to India.. I have no idea about their credibility..
    Also, u say that the new DHD requires an OTA. Is it really necessary..
    I mean if i buy the unlocked device i'm nt sure if the OTA will be available in India..
    I hope the OTA is available.. They r supposed to b free al over aren't they as m gettin an unlocked device?? or are they locked to a country or smthng..
    Hey spence,

    Do you mind if i ask you a few questions on Skype later on today? If you're busy then no worries, but if you've got 10 min to spare that would be awesome!

    Let me know,
    I'm kungura on Skype btw.
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