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  • hello i tried your universal root to try to root my huawei ascend ii and it didn't work. i've also tried many other methods. every time i get into fast boot mode and select update from sd card it goes partway then it says that the file isn't signed and aborts the install. can you help?
    hello. i am using galaxy ace t mobile.
    the problem is i rooted the phone using as file from the internet. the phone got rooted and the super user app was also installed.
    recently the ics 4.0.3 cynogenmod beta 5 was introduced.
    so i downloaded the mod and installed in recovery mode. it installed but when i rebooted the phone hanged in a black screen.

    i opened in recovery mode again and installed the mod again but now it gives E tmp side load error.
    i dont remember allowing unknown sources. i am stuck now, cant use my phone :/ need your help. :)
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