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  • I saw your post about the Thunderbolt in the LG Ally Root section. I bought a thunderbolt 2 weeks ago and and have no regrets. I haven't rooted or romed it yet (I haven't felt a need this bitch is fast), but will eventually. I believe most people use Clockwork as their recovery and have not seen an Amon-Ra recovery. There are so many roms for this phone bothe Froyo and Sense. Here is the list: The Official Thunderbolt ROMs & Kernels Listing v2.0 (Updated 6/6 10:05 AM CST) - xda-developers.

    After seeing the Cyangen Rom Pop up I wish I hadn't sold my Ally back to Verizon for $40.

    just saw this thread of your's below about the super charger you've created..
    now the question is where do I find those USB cables (double headed usb cable with one end being micro sd) ?

    I just noticed your request to be a friend. Sorry if there was a delay on my part in responding, as I have not really been following the forum so much since achieving Velocity 1.0


    No You first of all cant flash anything until you put A recovery on. The file you referenced puts stock recovery on.... which is No recovery at all. Get Rom Manager and flash Aloha. This will allow you to flash Roms after soc.
    Quick question, you might be the one to ask. I would hop on IRC but it is blocked from work. If I flash your handy work signed_clockwork_to_Stock_Recovery.zip then use super one click to root froyo will I be able to flash custom roms? Have tried both of the long methods posted and ran into errors. sorry to bug you.
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