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  • Thanks for stepping in and giving a hand with porting ICS to the Triumph. It really made a difference and progress is happening really fast now.
    Hey TG,

    anyone have dibs on that phone of yours, is it for sale still? If its for sale shoot me a number back what you would have to have for it.

    ty in advance
    great rom, thought you might if you lock the phone withe a contactup on the screen it will randomly dial that contact , and continue until you move to another screen
    hey i just got a quick question... if you were to bump cm7 up to android 2.3.7 , would it make any major changes to anything? or is it just a number?
    Hey man, Just wanted to congratulate you on CM7 ROM and would like to put in a new request on behalf of a lot of Moto Triumph users. Can you please make a "STOCK GINGERBREAD (Android 2.3) Rom" without any add-ons like ADW or LaunderPro please. I've seen a lot of ppl including me are looking for the stock 2.3 ROM and we'll really appreciate if you can do us that favor.
    So I was reading the forum where you guys are working on the Triumph as I picked one up a little while ago and saw about the post about the "job offer" and how it was funny if they knew who you were. Well this got me wondering who are you? So I looked and noticed that you live in the Redneck Riviera and this happens to be where I live (Panama City). I did a little more poking around and found that you used to live in Chicago where I am from (kinda I grew up outside rockford) so I just thought I would say hi to another transplant! So Hi!
    Hey what permissions fixed wifi in your rom. I've got a complete stock Rom that even formats and restores the /hidden partition but it breaks wifi. I built it using the stock nandroid backup and stock tars I pulled from the hidden partition. Thanks man. Btw excellent work on cm7
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