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  • M a beginner n world of rooting etc.but have a little common sense,follow instructions as long as its1st grade format.I purchased unlocked AT&T SGH -1537 kot49h.ucucNH3 4.4.2. tried ALL 1 click root (towel,frama etc) Error says "THIS METHOD IS 4 S4 ACTIVE ONLY"that I have.M sure u no exactly my issue.Can u stear me 2 easiest guide 4 backup/root.This is at&t device but metro netwrk.Greatly appreciate all u do.
    Hi Trevor,

    I have a question in reference to your post, 'ROOTING THE OPTIMUS F6 And Recovery! UPDATED (8/3/14)' -- I purchased phone new through MetroPCS, got it wet and couldn't fix it and ended up with different phone and carrier. Phone now seems to be working under my wifi at home. Thinking I might experiment with rooting it. Is there much value to keeping a phone that doesn't have carrier service?

    Thanks in advance, Carol
    Hi, I've seen you have far more knowledge about android systems, so I would like to ask you some things:
    -Is it possible to record calls on Lg optimus F6? (I have tried some apps, none of them working fine.)
    -How big work is to write a kernel for 2 way call recording?
    -Is there any difference between the american and european ROMs, or devices?
    I tried the scripts this past weekend. .... no success. Phone connection runs for about a minute n restarts on bootloop... :-\ i wll not post or put u through this . Kdz n root n deblowd ,well the hal 9 yrs... im gonna go n wrk on my motion where i had it running first n try toremember what exactly i did. Is gonna b a mission cus my motion has a crck i mean CRCK SCREEN. N dificult to respond @touch i wll keep u in the loop.
    I haven't been able to test scripts for gaming. I dont hav game console. So still waiting for brother in law to test . I dnt want to post it cus i dnt want anybody to complain
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