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  • Hello
    can you please tell me exactly what i have to do to get your theme?
    that blue basic one with the simi clock?
    please i really love it and i am having troubles with getting it please
    tell me step by step what i have to do.
    Hey there!

    Trying to get Apps II SD working for the 2nd time.
    Your noob guide seems like the best one to follow, but I'm getting stuck on the 3rd point! (Believe me - I'm usually not technologically challenged, which is why it's all the more frustrating!)

    You mention:

    1. Download the SDK from here- Android SDK | Android Developers
    2. Extract using something like WinRar
    3. Copy the second folder into the sdk named "android-sdk-windows" to the desktop.

    So I downloaded the .zip version of the file from the site and extract it.
    Your 3rd point says "copy the 2nd folder into the sdk named..." Now which is the 2nd folder I have to copy!? I'm wondering if that's a mistake or I'm missing out on something!

    Please Help!!!

    Thanks a ton!
    Hello, I'm new to Droid desire, and a lot of the terminology that seems to come with it. I am learning a lot. My question is: what is sense, HTC sense, etc. Also, I am frustrated that I can only watch video, streaming, etc. from a limited number of sources such as you tube and not much else on my Desire.
    Almost none of the news/sports media video will play on my device. Is there an Adobe flash player for the Droid desire?
    I feel these are rather stupid questions and I apologize for that, but I don't know any other way to learn, other than to ask.
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