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  • hi i read the post about the green smileys from ages ago and i hate them too is their anyway i can get new ones? (i love the blackberry ones). i have GOSMS and Handcent but i dont like their yellow smilies they dont have as many as blackberry like the love heart etc. please help me :)
    hi,i just want to say thanks,i had ur 2.1 theme and i am using also a 2.1 custom rom.i had 3 fc in one week,but since i use ur theme no more,thanks.also ur theme is the only one that changed the fonts on my ebook reader,which make it like...awesome!!! i love to read and those fonts make it much nicer.i really like ur way to create themes,now that thre is a fix camcorder for 2.2 i will install cm6.1.3 by wolfbreak,but so far the themes are nice,wonder if you have any plan for a theme working on cm6 or cm7 , well if not , its atill fine.many members miss u in xda and many are using cm6, a great theme would b perfect.thanks anyway,peace.
    Hey is there any chance I could get a copy of
    Res mode v1.8? Since I have updated to .435 my phone has been unthemed and I am dying to get your work back on my phone.

    This would be much appreciated. thanks a million.
    Looks like this is a good place to say - THANKS! your advice has been clear, accurate - and most helpful!! Please keep up the good work and kind assistance, newbies like myself would be bricked without you!!

    p.s, like the "about me" tab -"interests - owt interesting" - sounds like your near my neck of the woods ("owt" being a regular sheffield twang!)

    All the best to you.
    Firstly, Thank you very much for sharing your Eminence ROM! Its Excellent! Truely great work!

    Secondly, Im after a little bit of help. Ive reinstalled the orginial SE keyboard "textinput-tng.apk" Is there anyway to get the background colour of the keyboard from blue to black? Because i want it to match the ROM you made.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    hi bud! had a question about debranding, i've rooted my x10a but i think there's an issue with the superuser app i used to root it since i cant get the root explorer to work w/o it telling to restart and accept su prompt, but su never prompts me. what is 'permissions' that i read about in the forums related to issues with su and root explorer and why can't i find them in su?
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