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action launcher

  1. Android News

    Action Launcher updated to v33 with 'AdaptiveZoom' app opening animation

    Action Launcher embraced adaptive icons several versions ago, and the latest update makes use of this feature in an interesting way. The new AdaptiveZoom option is an alternative to the other app opening animations included in Action Launcher, as it uses an app icon's background color to fill...
  2. Android News

    Action Launcher v31 adds adaptive folders, Essential Phone support, and more

    New features, bug fixes, and a bigger focus on performance/stability are in store with Action Launcher v31. Notable changes include the addition of adaptive folders, as well as support for the Essential Phone's unique form factor.
  3. Android News

    The Pixel 2's "At a glance" widget comes to Action Launcher

    Action Launcher has just been updated which adds the Pixel 2's "At a glance" widget and more.
  4. Android News

    Action Launcher gets Pixel 2-style dock

    Google made some changes to the dock in the Pixel 2 and Action Launcher has issued a new update to mimic the look of these changes.
  5. Android News

    Action Launcher's latest update brings some of Oreo's features to Lollipop devices

    Action Launcher, one of the many apps that let you customize Android’s home screens, is now able to bring three of Oreo’s launcher features to older phones: notification dots, adaptive icons, and restyled app shortcuts. They’re supposed to work on phones going back to 2014’s Android Lollipop.
  6. Android News

    Action Launcher beta v28 now works with Android Oreo's Adaptive Icons

    Action Launcher v28, which is currently on its second beta now officially supports Android Oreo's Adaptive Icons feature. It is the first third-party launcher to do so.
  7. Android News

    Action Launcher updated to v27 with a weather widget, more Android O perks

    A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out with ample new customization options and a weather widget. The app moves to version 27 with this update.
  8. Android News

    Action Launcher is getting Google Feed integration and prepares for Android O

    A big Action Launcher update is rolling out today, and it's adding something many of you have been clamoring for in recent weeks: Google Feed integration.
  9. Android News

    Action Launcher v26 beta brings Android O notification dots and UI tweaks

    The latest beta version of Action Launcher is now available. It includes a number of features that Google has added to the Pixel Launcher in Android O, such as notification dots and a new UI for app shortcuts and widgets.
  10. Android News

    Latest Action Launcher 3 update changes the name, adds a new icon and much more

    Chris Lacy has announced a new update to his Action Launcher 3 application that brings its version up to 25 and comes with the following changes. . . • NEW: Action Launcher 3 has been renamed to Action Launcher, and has a shiny new icon to prove it! • NEW: Use an animating, Android O-style...
  11. Android News

    Latest Action Launcher update adds more Pixel and Android 7.1 features.

    The latest update to Action Launcher includes new launcher shortcuts, new icons, as well as a whole slew of new features and bug fixes.
  12. Android News

    You can get some of the Nexus Launcher features in Action Launcher 3.9 beta

    Chris Lacy just uploaded a quick video to demo some of the new features of Action Launcher version 3.9 beta. The features shown off include the swiping up from the dock to access the app drawer and the Google search box being replaced by the G tab with the calendar widget.
  13. Android News

    Action Launcher 3.8 update to add Google Now integration for root users

    Action Launcher will be the first third-party launcher to integrate Google Now. Unfortunately, the Google Now feature will only be available on devices which have root access since the API being used requires that the application must be a system app. If you want Google Now, but don't want to...
  14. admyrick

    What's your favorite launcher?

    I've purchased and used a few different launchers on my various Android devices over the years, but keep coming back to Nova Prime or Action Launcher. I was wondering what you folks would pick as your favorite and why.