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  1. Android News

    Amazon announces reference device for an Alexa-powered smart lamp

    There's no shortage of Alexa gadgets to choose from, but Amazon wants to make sure you've got access to as many options as possible. On March 28, the online shopping giant announced three new white-box reference devices that'll make it as easy as possible for more companies to kick out their own...
  2. Android News

    Alexa will talk less if you turn on new Brief Mode

    There's a new mode for Amazon Echo products called Brief Mode. While Amazon itself hasn’t made any announcements about the feature, Echo users around the globe are reporting their experiences with the new, less-talkative Alexa.
  3. Android News

    Alexa gets Follow-up Mode to listen to consecutive requests

    Every few weeks, Amazon adds a couple of features to its Echo line-up or Alexa app, and today is no different. Rolling out now are two changes: a Follow-Up Mode for Echo speakers and the option to make calls, send messages, and drop in from tablets.
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    Amazon brings Alexa calls and messaging to tablets

    As of now, you can use Alexa to place calls (including video calls) and send messages from Android tablets, iPads and of course Amazon's own Fire models.
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    Amazon makes it easier to give Alexa follow-up commands

    Amazon has rolled out a new feature, which gives its Echo speakers the ability to listen to back-to-back commands for the assistant.
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    Alexa can now play that song you heard but can’t remember the name of

    While listening to Amazon Music, you can now ask Alexa in very general terms to find music you listened to earlier or play something you haven't heard recently. You can do so with specific artists by saying, for example, "Alexa, play that Kendrick Lamar song I was listening to yesterday," or...
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    Alexa is randomly laughing

    Alexa has apparently been randomly laughing. Amazon says this is not anything to worry about, as it's simply a phrase that is easily falsely triggered. As a result, the "Alexa, Laugh" skill will be changed to "Alexa, Can You Laugh," and Alexa will also now respond with "Sure, I can laugh,"...
  8. Android News

    Amazon is reportedly designing AI chips to improve Alexa

    Amazon has begun designing its own AI chips, according to an exclusive report from The Information. The hardware is designed for anything powered by Alexa, including the Echo, and would allow the virtual assistant to respond more quickly by adding speech recognition directly to the device.
  9. Android News

    Amazon's Super Bowl ad replaces celebrities for Alexa

    Amazon's Super Bowl ad is teasing a world without Alexa. That world is pretty bizarre, with celebrities filling in for the voice assistant. After a short absence, Alexa returns to do the job that others seemingly can't.
  10. Android News

    You can now use Alexa to send SMS messages

    Amazon Alexa is deepening its messaging capabilities by allowing users to send SMS messages. The new service will let people use their Alexa-enabled devices to send a message to anyone in their contacts list, as long as you have an Android-powered device.
  11. Android News

    Amazon’s Super Bowl ad preview teases new voices for Alexa

    A preview of the commercial Amazon will be showing at this year’s Super Bowl suggests that Amazon may be about to bring new voices to its Alexa assistant. There's no hard confirmation, but the ad goes out of its way to show Alexa losing her "voice," and Bezos is not worried because the...
  12. Android News

    Klipsch speakers are getting Alexa and Google Assistant voice control

    Audio device maker Klipsch unveiled new products with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa baked in at CES 2018. The range includes clasically-designed smart speakers.
  13. Android News

    Whirlpool plugs Alexa and Google Assistant into its appliances

    Whirlpool has unveiled a 2018 lineup where many appliances support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, letting you control most of your home using the smart speaker (or mobile app) you prefer. You can check the time left on the washing machine, start the dishwasher or change the temperature...
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    Amazon wants to feature more sponsored products on Alexa

    Amazon has plans to open up more sponsored products and advertising slots on Alexa this year, according to a new report from CNBC.
  15. Android News

    Amazon Alexa app tops Android and iOS charts

    The Amazon Alexa app has topped the Android and iOS charts, suggesting strong sales for the company.
  16. Android News

    BBC launches Alexa skill for live radio and podcasts

    Every BBC radio station and podcast is now accessible through Amazon's Alexa assistant thanks to its new Alexa skill.
  17. Android News

    There's now a Destiny 2 ghost skill for Amazon Alexa

    A new Destiny 2 skill for Amazon Alexa will allow you to talk to the Ghost AI in the game using your voice. The skill will respond with over 1,000 lines of dialogue from the game.
  18. Android News

    Control Hulu with your voice on Amazon's Fire TV devices

    You can now control your Hulu account with your voice on Amazon's Fire TV devices thanks to the Video Skills rollout.
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    Amazon wants Alexa to be your new office assistant

    At Amazon's annual re:Invent conference, the company revealed its plans to make the voice-activated virtual assistant office-friendly with an Alexa for Business platform, which will come with specific skills for the workplace.
  20. Android News

    Amazon brings Alexa, Echo, and Prime Music to Canada

    The Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot are coming into Canada December 5 with introductory pricing from today for those who pre-order in Canada.
  21. Android News

    Amazon brings Alexa, and Echo speakers, to Canada

    Amazon's Alexa platform and Echo family of devices are now available in Canada. You can buy the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus.
  22. Android News

    Deal: Up to 60% off Amazon Alexa devices

    Amazon is having a big sale to celebrate Alexa's third birthday. They're taking up to 60% off Alexa devices, including their own original Echo line, as well as products from companies like Logitech and Eufy.
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    Amazon brings routines and smart home groups to Alexa

    Amazon has announced Routines and Smart Home groups for Alexa , but these need to be implemented by developers.
  24. Android News

    Sonos promises Alexa-powered Spotify controls by December 21st

    Sonos now has Alexa support, but one of the most advertised pieces of functionality -- Spotify control -- was not immediately available. We now know it'll arrive by December 21st.
  25. Android News

    IKEA smart bulbs get Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit integration

    IKEA's smart bulbs now support third-party voice controls, starting with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit. Google Assistant is yet to come.