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  1. L

    wont download

    hello I bought an amazon 43 inch qled fire tv and i cannot seem to getit to let me down load other apps than what is on there app finder. I have been trying to download stuff like iptv. does anyone else have this problem if so did you find a way around it? Thanks Lionel
  2. Windroid

    Ecosystems: Google vs Amazon

    Apple has an ecosystem for it's iPhone and other devices, but Android has an ecosystem too. Actually, Android had two competing ecosystems: Google's and Amazon's. Both companies have offer (for example) app stores, e-book stores, and television streaming services for Android. Do you folks have...
  3. Android News

    Los Angeles gets 2-Hour Groceries through Amazon Prime

    Amazon started delivering Whole Foods groceries to a few cities in February and now they've added that luxury for people living in LA. Better yet- it's free for members of Amazon Prime.
  4. Android News

    Amazon announces reference device for an Alexa-powered smart lamp

    There's no shortage of Alexa gadgets to choose from, but Amazon wants to make sure you've got access to as many options as possible. On March 28, the online shopping giant announced three new white-box reference devices that'll make it as easy as possible for more companies to kick out their own...
  5. Android News

    Amazon adds fingerprint support to its Key app

    The Amazon Key app is getting one small but important update: fingerprint authentication. Since Key essentially controls your smart door lock, leaving the app unprotected isn't a very good idea, so this is a nice addition.
  6. Android News

    Google plans to boost Amazon competitors in search

    Reuters is reporting that the Google is teaming up with Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco and Ulta to help those companies' store results show up higher in Google Search in order to combat Amazon's dominant search rankings. These companies, and any other willing participants, can index their...
  7. Android News

    Alexa will talk less if you turn on new Brief Mode

    There's a new mode for Amazon Echo products called Brief Mode. While Amazon itself hasn’t made any announcements about the feature, Echo users around the globe are reporting their experiences with the new, less-talkative Alexa.
  8. Android News

    Deal: Get the Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto G5 Plus for $210

    The Moto G6 and G6 Plus might arrive sooner than later, but that does not mean you should ignore Motorola‘s 2017 mid-range options. The Moto G5 Plus is one such option that currently sits at $210, presumably for a limited time. That is $90 off the phone’s regular price.
  9. Android News

    260,000 Amazon Basics power banks are being recalled for risk of overheating

    Today, Amazon has issued a recall for its self-branded line of power banks that it sells. If you have any of the banks by Amazon Basics, you should contact Amazon to see which actions you need to take to send it in.
  10. Android News

    Amazon Echo now reads your first Audible book for free

    Amazon has a new way to reel you into Audible now that smart speakers are a big deal: give you a freebie just by asking. As of this week, anyone who's new to Audible can ask an Echo speaker to read a full audiobook at no cost.
  11. Android News

    Alexa gets Follow-up Mode to listen to consecutive requests

    Every few weeks, Amazon adds a couple of features to its Echo line-up or Alexa app, and today is no different. Rolling out now are two changes: a Follow-Up Mode for Echo speakers and the option to make calls, send messages, and drop in from tablets.
  12. Android News

    Amazon brings Alexa calls and messaging to tablets

    As of now, you can use Alexa to place calls (including video calls) and send messages from Android tablets, iPads and of course Amazon's own Fire models.
  13. Android News

    DEAL: Get the Roku Streaming Stick for just $40

    For a limited time, the Roku Streaming Stick has been discounted by $10, bringing the price down to $40 with free Prime shipping.
  14. Android News

    Amazon makes it easier to give Alexa follow-up commands

    Amazon has rolled out a new feature, which gives its Echo speakers the ability to listen to back-to-back commands for the assistant.
  15. Android News

    DEAL: Get the Fire TV Stick for as low as $25 or the 4K Fire TV for $45

    Amazon is offering steep discounts on the Fire TV Stick and 4K Fire TV. For Prime members, the Fire TV Stick is priced at $25, while the 4K Fire TV is now $45.
  16. Android News

    Alexa can now play that song you heard but can’t remember the name of

    While listening to Amazon Music, you can now ask Alexa in very general terms to find music you listened to earlier or play something you haven't heard recently. You can do so with specific artists by saying, for example, "Alexa, play that Kendrick Lamar song I was listening to yesterday," or...
  17. Android News

    Alexa is randomly laughing

    Alexa has apparently been randomly laughing. Amazon says this is not anything to worry about, as it's simply a phrase that is easily falsely triggered. As a result, the "Alexa, Laugh" skill will be changed to "Alexa, Can You Laugh," and Alexa will also now respond with "Sure, I can laugh,"...
  18. Android News

    Amazon's Kids Edition Fire Tablets are starting at $70 right now

    The Fire 7 Kids Edition is currently down to just $69.99 from its regular price of $99.99 in your choice of blue, pink, or yellow. If you want something a little bigger, you can grab the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for $89.99, which is $40 lower than it normally sells for.
  19. Android News

    Nest pulls stock of its lineup from Amazon

    Nest has pulled the stock of its lineup of devices from Amazon after it was informed that new devices would be banned.
  20. Android News

    The Chromecast is still not available through Amazon

    Back in December of 2017, Amazon announced that it would begin selling Chromecasts through its online storefront. However, we are now in March and the Chromecast is still not available.
  21. Android News

    Amazon now streams UFC pay-per-view fights

    Amazon is taking another step closer to parity with the big cable providers: It inked a new deal with UFC to sell pay-per-view packages for the organization’s upcoming slate of weekend fights. That means you’ll be able to buy UFC fights, including Saturday’s UFC 222, directly through Amazon
  22. Android News

    Amazon acquires Ring's smart doorbell business

    Amazon is looking to take Nest head-on with its smart home solutions. The company has announced it has acquired Ring's smart doorbell business to better accentuate their newly developed Cloud Cam and home delivery system.
  23. Android News

    Amazon’s AR shopping tool is now available on Android

    Amazon has finally made its AR View shopping tool available to Android users, so you can see how an object will look in your home before you buy it.
  24. Android News

    Deal: LG Q6 for $160 this Sunday

    Amazon's Prime Exclusive LG Q6 is normally $200, but Amazon will be discounting it even further this Sunday, February 25th in their daily deal. It will go for just $160 on that day only. The LG Q6 is a 5.5-inch 18:9 device with a Snapdragon 430 chipset.
  25. Android News

    Deal: $250 for Amazon's Prime Exclusive Moto X4

    Amazon's Prime Exclusive Moto X4 is down to $250 in their deal of the day. It usually goes for $399.