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android 11

  1. J

    Help Is this spyware?

    I have a moto g power and under the "phone services" system apps that sound weird. Uceshimsercive.apk installed at /System/system_ext/app/Uceshimservive 86.59kb in size Whenever i google anything to do with the word uceshim it says spyware
  2. G

    How to rotate pen axis to 90 degree in Android 11?

    Hi all, How to rotate pen axis to 90 degree in Android 11? In my system, when I set system to vertical screen, the touch axis it no problem, but pen axis is wrong. The pen axis should rotate 90 degree. Is there a config file to config stylus to rotate 90 degree? Or should I write a apk...
  3. Al Fresco

    Map link works in WIN 10 but not Android 11

    These links work properly in WIN 10 but when they are launched on an Android 11 Motorola 5 G ACE phone the links open to the present GPS location, not the location of the link. Here are the links: <a href='40°22'00.1"N 105°34'49.2"W' target="_blank" title="Location of entry station">Location...
  4. L

    SD card shortcut

    Is there a way to make any SD card that is inserted instantly be shown as a link/application on the home screen?
  5. Z

    BLU B131DL Speaker phone issue??

    Hello all, I recently got a new phone a BLU B131DL Android 11 and everything was fine until this week, but since I have bad hearing I generally use Speakerphone when I get a call, but it seems to be somehow muting the calls now, which I cannot figure out.... Every time I get a call, I answer it...
  6. cycv5

    Android 11 tool bar of contacts in Contacts app hides behind freeform window decorations

    In Android 11, when you open up a contact in freeform window, the top tool bar (with a star, a pen and 3 vertical dots) hides behind the decoration of the freeform window (the title bar with "maximize/restore" & "close" buttons). When you move the window or minimize/maximize again, it shows...
  7. M

    Help Unable to record calls with Samsung Galaxy A10 (SM-A105FN), Android version 11

    I'm having issues with my Samsung Galaxy A10: I cannot record calls, and I've been trying to enable this feature for the last 2 whole days. I have downloaded about a dozen different call recording apps from the Play Store, trying each and every Audio Source, Channel, Loudness level, and Audio...
  8. M

    A bug in a simple code/where is it ?

    I cannot find a bug in the following application for Android Studio. We have a set of players {1,...,n} and a valuation from the set of all subsets to {0,1}. The apllication is supposed to read numbers labeled with binary strings of length n corresponding to coalitions S (1 indicates that this...
  9. O

    Help Pan - Is it possible to set a different notification sound for SMS and a different one for e-mail?

    Dobrý den. Koupil jsem si mobil NARZO 30 s OS ANDROID 11. Jde nastavit jiný zvuk oznámení pro SMS a jiný pro e-mail? Prosím o radu. Translated by DonB Good day. I bought a NARZO 30 mobile phone with OS ANDROID 11. Is it possible to set a different notification sound for SMS and a different...
  10. A

    Android 11 Burning Through the Battery

    Since the update to Android 11, I have to recharge my phone about 2/3 of the way through the day when it used to last all day and night, plus some. I have done all app updates and rebooted a few times. Still a battery hog. Facebook burns the most (bad habit!) One UI Home is next. Then Gmail...
  11. Taqras

    Accessing media files in arbitrary directories on external storage

    I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to Android development, and need a little guidance. Media Files access is listed on Google Support as an invalid use case, that won't be allowed to have MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. Instead, one should use the MediaStore API. This seems to provide...
  12. Aby PAul

    YouTube API key is not working after uploading android App in play store

    YouTube API key is not working after uploading android App in play store. Its working properly before uploading in Genymotion and all Android Emulator.
  13. N

    Help All file access greyed out. Was working fine.

    Downloaded app requires full file access but the option is greyed out Device: OnePlus 9R, android 11, non-rooted
  14. B

    Missing "Trusted Voice" option in Smart Lock

    Hi All, I recently upgraded my phone from Galaxy S9+ (Android 10) to Galaxy S21 (Android 11) and noticed a difference in the functionality of Smart Lock. Previously I could unlock my phone with "OK Google" by turning the "Trusted Voice" option on in Lock Screen > Smart Lock. The new Galaxy...
  15. Sleep Sounds

    Sleep Sounds: Relaxing sounds, Meditation & calm

    Insomnia? Trouble sleeping? Trouble in meditation? Don't worry, Sleep Sounds: Relaxing sounds, Meditation & calm is here for you to solve problem. Relax & sleep with relaxing sounds, nature sounds, sleep sounds, meditation sounds and calm with free sleep sounds. Why sleep sounds best for you: *...
  16. W

    Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase |Tutorials for beginners

    An android development tutorial for beginners, to help you become an android developer by creating simple apps and working your way up. SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! What you will learn. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience. Java programming language. Firebase...
  17. MoodyBlues

    Yay! Got upgraded to 11!

    The other day I noticed an alert and followed it, and I now have shiny new Android 11 on my phone! :) I stepped through its 'new features' intro, and it looks like they've really added a lot. How much of it I'll actually use is anyone's guess, but it's nice to have anyway. Oh, it's a Motorola...
  18. D

    How to change resolution aspect ratio on Android 11 without root?

    For example changing resolution from 1440x3088 to 1440x2880 https://i.stack.imgur.com/t3cST.jpg Can't use overscan in Android 11 Any other way to do this without root?
  19. C

    Android 11 Update Affecting Charging

    Before I updated to Android 11 my USB-C charger built in my car would almost fully charge my phone on my commute to home ~20 min. After the update, it barley inches 1-2%. Seem to just power my phone. Any way of going back?
  20. ShalomxPeace

    Can't access "/android/data" directory in android 11

    After updating my Google Pixel 3a to android 11, I can't find files and folders of this location: "/android/data" by the device. "Files" by google shows empty at that location. But I can see them through PC via USB transfer. Why can't I access that location of storage and how can I get access on...
  21. Rob

    Android 11 Release Date is June 3rd, 2020 [BETA]