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android 4.4

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    Root [SOLVED] How do I root my phone?

    Okay so here's what happened. I was running Android version 6.0.1 and I wanted to root it so I went through a bunch of forums to find out what I needed to do and it turns out you can't root Android 6.0.1. Currently I'm running Android version 5 because I got a full image restore .zip file and...
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    Finding Blue Tooth "Scan"

    LG Volt Android 4.4.2 Zigee Docting Station Hello, I just bought a new docking station. The instructions call for: Go to 1. Settings > Bluetooth ( turn it on ) > Press Scan 2. Zigee (the phone dock ) will show up under available devices, click on it to connect. I have Settings > Bluetooth...
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    Help Android RFID/access card emulator

    I have an nfc enabled phone (Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G6360G) with stock Android 5.1.1. I want an app that I can scan an RFID/contactless card and save it in my phone. The RFID card operates at NFC frequency and the reader in my use only checks the data, not the UID of the card. Then i want...
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    Help Need help with updating android for pokemon go

    Hello, I know how to root my Xperia V (its rooted already) and so, but heres my problem: Like so many other people, i want to play this Pokémon Go game, and it requires Android 4.4 (or higher). My Xperia V is 4.3 (9.2.A.2.5) but I need to upgrade android to 4.4 at least, but I would like to...
  5. Android News

    MediaTek inadvertently shipped processors with root-access "de-bug feature" turned on

    MediaTek has admitted that some of its chips shipped with a a software-level de-bug feature was left on which enabled root access to the phones. The affected devices have not been publicly disclosed, but MediaTek did say that the devices are running on Android 4.4 (KitKat).