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android emulator

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    Android Emulator in Testing Environment

    Hi All, I am new to Android Development World. I have the .apk ready and need to test in the Testing environment (i.e., Desktop Computer) which does not have internet. Please suggest me what are all the software's needs to be installed (i.e., offline installation) in that machine. Thank you.
  2. W

    Unable to start up x86_64 phone emulator in Android Studio on a Mac

    Trying to start up a x86_64 based phone via the Android Studio Emulator, but it freezes at the white screen showing "Google". Here are the particulars: 1. Intel Core i7 chipset on the Mac 2. Android emulator uses API level 33 3. system image is from system-images/android-33/google-apis/x86_64...
  3. U

    glSurfaceView not displayed after emulator-update

    Hi, glSurfaceView is no longer displayed on the emulator after the latest update yesterday. On the virtual device everything works - so it can't be a software error. The error is from latest update. Please help! Thanks for all!
  4. J

    Android Emulator Web Browser Needs Camera Permissions on macOS Catalina

    Hi, I am in charge of testing a mobile-compliant website that also needs access to the device camera and microphone. I needed to expand the ability to test different Android devices, so I downloaded the Android SDK and created virtual devices. However, if I set the camera of any virtual device...
  5. Android News

    Google acquires LeapDroid in a move to bolster its Chrome OS development

    Google has acquired LeapDroid, an Android emulator that focuses primarily on games. The speculation for this acquisition is that the developers could assist in building more applications for Chrome OS and Android.
  6. Android News

    Bluestacks v2 Update Lets You Run Multiple Android Apps at the Same Time

    Bluestacks just received a hefty update that will now let you run two Android applications simultaneously on Windows with a new tab interface(like a browser).