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android malware

  1. J

    Help Is this spyware?

    I have a moto g power and under the "phone services" system apps that sound weird. Uceshimsercive.apk installed at /System/system_ext/app/Uceshimservive 86.59kb in size Whenever i google anything to do with the word uceshim it says spyware
  2. P

    Help What is 10440, 10441 and 10443??

  3. Android News

    Mobile banking Trojan on Google Play targeted Wells Fargo, Chase, and Citibank customers

    Avast security researchers have detailed a mobile banking trojan that appears to have snuck onto Google Play and targeted those using Wells Fargo, Chase, and Citibank accounts.
  4. Android News

    This is how Google finds Android malware

    A new post on the Android Developers blog showcases how Google works to keep apps in the Play Store safe from malware and the steps it performs to find malware before it can become popular.