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    Keep Screen On doesn't work

    I have a Galaxy A52, which I love. The Android OS is up to date. I have it set to "keep screen on" while using, but my screen still fades and soon goes black, even if I'm holding the phone where it can clearly see my face. This is especially a problem when I'm using the phone keypad to work my...
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    Android Accessibility screen reader UI with Amazon Fire voices?

    I'm half blind, android Accessibility screen reader "select to speak" feature (definitely not the TalkBack) helps me IMMENSELY by reading almost everything for me, web, apps, most images, etc... The only problem is, how annoying the voices options there are, they're all horrible. I have a Gen 9...
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    netstat connections.

    Hi I'm trying to learn more about Android OS and how it utilizes connections. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB with Android 10. I'm using the app "termux" to use shell commands, not adb. When I run: $ netstat -a It returns: Active Internet connections (servers and established) Proto...
  4. Android News

    Future Android versions may give carriers ability to hide signal strength from users

    A recent piece of code committed to the Android Open Source Project reveals there are plans to give carriers the ability to hide the signal strength that a phone shows.
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    The "Check for Update" button that was supposed to be fixed is broken again, will be fixed in 2018

    A Googler has mentioned that the new Check for Update button that should actually check for updates was broken shortly after it launched thanks to an imcompatibility bug with the latest Google Play Services update. That functionality has been fixed, though we're told the fix for the fix won't...
  6. Android News

    Pixel 2 Driving Do Not Disturb API coming to developers in 2018

    Google is rolling out a new Do Not Disturb API next year to help cut back on road distractions. It will allow developers to hook into Android's native Do Not Disturb feature to ensure apps behave appropriately during times you need them to be quiet.
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    It’s not just the OnePlus 5 that can’t make 911 calls

    Anecdotal reports suggest it's more than just the OnePlus 5 device that can't make 911 calls. Lots of Android phone owners are reporting the reboot issue, suggesting it may be an AOSP issue.
  8. Android News

    The ASUS ZenPad 10 is updated with bundled notifications

    The ASUS ZenPad 10 has just received an update which adds bundled notifications, Game Genie, and a lock screen wallpaper slideshow. The update also brings the latest Android security patch.
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    Samsung's latest Galaxy S8 update fixes the Device Quality Agent error

    The day-one Galaxy S8 update caused a problem with the Device Quality Agent, however, Samsung has just pushed an 'urgent update' which fixes the problem.
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    Android 7.1.1 Nougat comes to the Sony Xperia XZ and Xperia X Performance

    Sony has started rolling out the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update to the Sony Xperia XZ and Sony Xperia X Performance. The update also includes the April 1, 2017, security patch.
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    Android Nougat is rolling out to the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5

    T-Mobile has started rolling out the Android Nougat update to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
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    The Verizon Pixel is getting its own Android 7.1.2 build

    Several owners of the Verizon Pixel have reportedly received an update to Android 7.1.2 Nougat. The update adds various improvements and bug fixes.
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    The European Galaxy A5 2016 is starting to receive the March Android security update

    Samsung has started to push the March security update to the Galaxy A5 2016 to owners of the device in Europe.
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    T-Mobile pushes its first OTA update to the LG G6

    T-Mobile has released its first OTA update for the LG G6, but there's mention as to what is new. The update rolls in at 124MB and is rolling out to more and more devices.
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    April's Android security update is coming to the Galaxy J3 (2016)

    Samsung has already started rolling out the April Android security update to owners of the Galaxy J3 (2016). The update also brings various bug fixes and "device optimizations".
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    The March security patch comes to the AT&T BlackBerry Priv

    AT&T is rolling out the March Android security update to owners of the BlackBerry Priv. The update also includes various "performance-related optimizations".
  17. Android News

    Here are all the changes for "regular users" in Android O

    Alex from Android Central has compiled a list of all the changes in Android O, including those that will be noticed by an average user of the latest version of Android.
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    Android O makes it easy to add custom ringtones

    Android O now makes it easier to add custom ringtones and other alert sounds without having to jump through hoops.
  19. Android News

    Nextbit begins rolling out Android Nougat to the Robin

    Nextbit has started seeding its Android Nougat update to all owners of the Nextbit Robin.
  20. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Nougat update now available for download

    You can now download and install the Android Nougat update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.
  21. Android News

    Android O combines 'Files' with 'Downloads'

    With the Android O update, the Downloads and Files apps have been combined.
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    Google has removed granular battery details in Android O

    Android Police has discovered that Android O removes granular battery usage information in the Settings.
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    The navigation keys go dark when opening the Pixel Launcher app drawer

    Android Police is still digging through Android O and all its features, but the latest feature shows that the navigation bar turns dark when pulling up the Pixel Launcher's app drawer.
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    The 2nd Android O Developer Preview won't arrive until May

    Google has published its timeline for releasing Android O. This reveals the 2nd Developer Preview isn't scheduled to launch until sometime in May, with Q3 2017 designated as the final release.
  25. Android News

    How to get Android O on your Pixel or Nexus (and how to roll back to Nougat)

    If you're feeling adventurous, you can now install the Android O Developer Preview onto your Nexus or Pixel device, and Daniel from Android Central has published an in-depth tutorial on how to do so. He has also shared the steps necessary to downgrade your device back to Nougat if need be.