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android pay

  1. Android News

    Oreo for Huawei Watch 2 disables Android Pay in regions other than US and UK

    If you are a Huawei Watch 2 owner (in non-US/UK region) who uses their watch to make payments through Android Pay, you might want to avoid the Oreo update. A lot of users are confirming that the update has disabled the Android Pay feature for them.
  2. Android News

    Google Pay branding already spotted on Pixel 2 XL devices

    Google Pay branding is already being spotted on some devices. The Google Wallet + Android Pay infusion is showing up as a payment option under NFC settings for some Pixel 2 devices.
  3. Android News

    Android Pay adds support for 80 new banks and credit unions

    The group of banks and credit unions that support Android Pay just got larger with 80 new additions.
  4. Android News

    Google is combining Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service

    Google just announced that it’s combining all of its different payment services, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into one unified service simply called Google Pay.
  5. Android News

    Spain and Poland banks get new Android Pay support

    Google has updated support for Android Pay in Spain with Openbank and Plus Bank now supported in Poland.
  6. Android News

    Barclaycard US, 58 other banks add support for Android Pay

    Barclayscard US is joined by 58 other new banks adding Android Pay support. This update brings the total number of participating banks to 1,131.
  7. Android News

    Android Pay is now available in Czech Republic and Brazil

    Android Pay is now available in Brazil and Czech Republic. This would mark the first time Android Pay enters South America.
  8. Android News

    Justice League fights its way into Android Pay

    Google is bringing Justice League characters to Android Pay. You can collect Justice League characters anytime you use Android Pay to pay for goods, each coming with their own unique animations. You can keep these characters around however long you like, and even share them with friends.
  9. Android News

    Bank of America giving away neat mugs for signing up for Android Pay

    Just picked up this thermos at my local Bank of America. All you gotta do is sign up for android pay with your bank (and Google wallet) and they give you one. Was so happy.
  10. Android News

    Android Pay launches in Ukraine

    Android Pay is now available in Ukraine. It supports PrivatBank to start, and officially marks the 15th market to get Android Pay.
  11. Android News

    Android Pay adds 11 new banks and details Synchrony support

    Synchrony operates several private credit labels and Google has detailed which cards are supported by Android Pay and which are not, in addition to adding support for 11 more banks.
  12. admyrick

    Google testing "Full Purchase History" for Android Pay

    Google is currently testing a new feature for Android Pay which will show transaction history for your registered credit/debit cards, even if Android Pay wasn't used for the transaction.
  13. Android News

    Digital bank Monzo now supports Android Pay

    Monzo, the British "bank" with a coral-coloured card and a clever savings app, has added support for Android Pay. It's only available for users with current accounts, however.
  14. Android News

    Android Pay coming to NYC subways by 2020

    NYC recently approved the $573 million program that will replace MetroCards for NFC, initially installing the new system in 500 turnstiles and 600 buses in late 2018, with the plan to have all subway stations and buses outfitted with the new tech at some point in 2020.
  15. Android News

    Visa Checkout integration in Android Pay is now live

    Last year, Google confirmed that it was working to add support for Visa Checkout and Masterpass to Android Pay. The aim was to have the services integrated in early 2017, but that release window slipped. The feature is now live in Android Pay.
  16. Android News

    Android Pay adds 34 new banks and credit unions

    Today Google has added an additional 34 banks and credit unions to the list, including one notable holdout, Charles Schwab Bank.
  17. Android News

    Android Pay adds 14 new banks to its supported list

    14 new institutions including Synchrony Financial have been added to Android Pay. Synchrony is especially notable because it powers multiple retail rewards cards like Walmart and Amazon.
  18. Android News

    16 new banks added to Android Pay

    16 new banks and financial institutions now support Android Pay. There are over 1,000 banks on the list to date.
  19. Android News

    Android Pay adds 24 new banks and credit unions

    Support for Android Pay continues to come from new banks and credit unions, this time 24 new additions have been added.
  20. Android News

    Android Pay expands to include 24 new banks and credit unions

    Android Pay continues its expansion into small banks and credit unions across the United States and today brings us 24 additions.
  21. Android News

    Android Pay adds support for 17 new banks

    Android Pay launched with just a handful of financial institutions, but the list has since grown to cover all the big banks and a substantial number of smaller ones. It's not over yet, though. Google just added 17 new banks and credit unions to the list, most of which will probably be unfamiliar...
  22. Android News

    The Essential Phone seemingly doesn't support Android Pay out of the box

    Since the Essential Phone has an unlocked bootloader, it seems some owners of the device are having issues using Android Pay.
  23. Android News

    Android Pay support added to 40 new US banks and credit unions

    A whole new slew of banks and credit unions have been added to Android Pay. Check to see if your bank is among them.
  24. O

    Android Pay now available in Spain

    Today, we’re introducing Android Pay to Spain, making it the 14th country with Android Pay. We’re thrilled to bring you faster, more secure checkout – just tap with your phone wherever contactless payments are accepted.
  25. Android News

    DEAL: Save $5 on all of your Fandango purchases with Android PayStarting today

    Starting today, you can use Android Pay to purchase movie tickets through Fandango and save $5 using the promo code "AndroidPay3". This deal lasts until the end of the month, but the promo code will be updated after July 19th.