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  1. Android News

    Android Wear rebranded to Wear OS by Google

    Google has announced that Android Wear will henceforth be called Wear OS by Google. The new branding will show up on some of the watches and the mobile app over the coming weeks.
  2. Android News

    Google Keep for Android Wear gets a new UI

    Google Keep for Android Wear has made a significant jump from version 2.0.08 to 4.1.091. Along with this jump comes a new design that makes note actions easier to get to.
  3. Android News

    Notification suggests Android Wear could be renamed 'Wear OS'

    Android Wear may be changing its image, according to a Reddit post by user H3x0n. Per the post, during the setup of an Android Wear watch (the post didn't specify which), H3x0n was greeted with both a new icon and an unfamiliar name for the operating system.
  4. Android News

    Google fixes Android Wear lag issues caused by "Ok Google" detection

    Back in December last year, it came to light that users with Android Wear 2.0 devices are experiencing short-duration lags and freezes in different scenarios. Turning off the "Ok Google" hotword detection fixed these problems. Well, the latest update on the matter is that Google has fixed these...
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    Deal: Verizon Wear24 currently going for just $50

    The officially-discontinued Verizon Wear24 smartwatch has received another price cut, bringing it down to $50. It's listed on TechRabbit's website for $99.99, but the tag comes down to $49.99 upon using the coupon code TRWEAR50 at checkout.
  6. Android News

    Skagen Falster Android Wear smartwatch now available for $275

    You can buy the Skagen Falster smartwatch for a starting price of $275. The watch has a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, with a round OLED screen of an unspecified resolution.
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    Michael Kors offers Android Wear smartwatches in more colors

    Michael Kors has revealed its spring 2018 Android Wear collection, which brings some new style to the world of Android Wear devices.
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    Android Wear v2.9 will add unread notification counter and more

    Android Wear 2.9 SDK is now available, revealing an unread notification counter and more to make the watch experience more compelling.
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    New Android Wear app update rolls in

    Google has announced the roll out of a new Android Wear app update. Arriving as version 2.8, the update brings along a couple of changes: improved notification glanceability and darker background.
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    Android Wear 2.8 Update introduces all black AMOLED theme

    Some Android Wear owners are reporting receiving the Android Wear 2.8 update that appears to include a system-wide black AMOLED theme.
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    New Tag Heuer smartwatch costs almost $200K

    Tag Heuer has debuted a new Android Wear smartwatch ensconced in 598 diamonds, which accounts for the eye-watering $197,000 price.
  12. Android News

    Skagen’s first touchscreen smartwatch is the minimalist Falster

    Danish watch brand Skagen is announcing its first touchscreen smartwatch at CES this week. The Falster runs Android Wear and joins Skagen’s lineup of connected hybrid analog watches. It will be available starting at $275 later this month.
  13. Android News

    Kate Spade designed an Android Wear smartwatch

    Kate Spade, known for its colorful aesthetic that draws girls from all over the world to its purses and accessories, has made its first touchscreen smartwatch. The Android Wear device was unveiled at CES 2018.
  14. Android News

    Misfit offering 30% discount on some of its products, including Vapor

    Misfit is offering a 30% discount on the Vapor smartwatch. The deal is available both in the United States as well as Europe. Those in the US will have to use the promo code BEYOU, while for Europeans, the code is WINTER30.
  15. Android News

    Verizon Wear24 now available for $75

    In its most recent deal, the Android Wear-powered Verizon Wear24 was going for $80. And now, a month later, the price tag has slipped down further. An eBay retailer is currently offering the smartwatch for just $74.97.
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    Android Wear users may want to disable Ok Google detection

    A Reddit user found out that it's the "Ok Google" detection feature that's eating up resources and causing delays with Android Wear 2.0 devices
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    Google announces which Android Wear watches will get Oreo

    Google has now created a list of the Android Wear 2.0 watches that will receive the update to Android Oreo. 5 smartwatches are getting the update right now, with over a dozen more coming in the near future.
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    Deal: Verizon’s Retired Wear24 Android Wear 2.0 watch is $75 on Woot

    You can buy the Wear24 from Woot.com for an insane $74.99. This watch used to cost $350 without a contract or $299 with one, so we’re there's a substantial discount here.
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    Android Oreo will be rolling out to Android Wear starting today

    Android Oreo is rolling out to Android Wear starting today. The only known device to get it so far is the LG Watch Sport.
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    Android Wear VP of engineering leaves Google for Stripe

    Stripe CEO Patrick Collision has confirmed that Google's VP of engineering for Android Wear has left the company and joined Stripe.
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    Android Wear 2.6 adds Recent Apps complication, download progress indicator, and more

    Android Wear 2.6 brings a new watch face complication that allows you to quickly jump to your most recently used apps, as well as a feature that gives you a download progress bar. Android Wear 2.6 also introduces the ability to see Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular icons in your Quick Settings page.
  22. Android News

    Verizon Wear24 smartwatch resurrected on eBay for just $129.99

    Verizon's Wear24 Android Wear smartwatch has resurfaced in an eBay deal. Verizon has discontinued the smartwatch, so now you can pick it up for just $129.
  23. Android News

    Fossil announces Q Control smartwatch

    The popular watch brand Fossil launched another smartwatch called Q Control. Powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 and running the Android Wear 2.0 OS, the Q Control is the newest addition to the Gen 3 portfolio of Fossil.
  24. Android News

    Wear Casts is the first standalone podcast app for Android Wear

    A new app called Wear Casts has been released in the Google Play Store and it's the first standalone podcast app for Android Wear that doesn't need to files to be stored on your phone.
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    New Android Wear 2.0 features can now be delivered through Play Store updates

    Google has confirmed that Android Wear 2.0 includes a mechanism for delivering new features through Google Play updates, a feature smartphones have had for quite some time. This should make it much easier and faster to update Android Wear with new features.