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angry birds

  1. Flappy Thumbs

    Looking for friends to play Angry Birds 2 with

    Hello everyone, I recently started to play this fun game Angry Birds 2. Must be honest, I was never interested in the game before. I mean, throw birds with a slinger. What's interesting that? Right? Then Angry Birds the movies came, the kids had fun and it looked silly enough to make me curious...
  2. Android News

    Angry Birds 2 update brings clans

    For its big Birthday update, Angry Birds 2 is getting support for Clans. Clans will be given various challenges to complete, with the current one awarding points to the whole clan when individual members complete levels.
  3. Android News

    Rovio publishes Angry Birds Evolution in the Play Store for free

    Last month, we learned that Rovio had plans to launch a new Angry Birds game in June and now it is available. It's being described as a free-to-play gacha game that has you grinding away in order to unlock your next Angry Bird.
  4. Android News

    Angry Birds Islands is the latest Angry Birds spinoff that will be coming to Android

    Rovio has just soft launched Angry Birds Islands as the company's latest mobile game in the universe of their popular IP. This game is about gathering resources such as ore, fish, wood, mana, and others so you can build structures on the island.
  5. Android News

    Update to Angry Birds 2 brings new levels and pig foes

    Rovio has updated Angry Birds 2 with new levels, bringing a jungle called Hamazones and a beach named Copacabacon. Among other improvements come new mini-games and two new enemies including a laser beam toting pig and a 3-pig tower.
  6. Android News

    Latest Angry Birds game is a pinball hybrid

    Rovio today announced their latest Angry Birds game. It's called Angry Birds Action, a pinball-like game where you'll smash through levels and try to hit all of the bumpers you can for an increased score. The company revealed a new feature that will reward you with an exclusive level if you...