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app update

  1. TThompson

    Samsung J2 Pro app update boot-loop, need contacts

    So, trying to help out a mate whose phone started to optimise apps and hit "63 of 63" before rebooting. It complains about a missing file/directory, though the friend says nothing was done by him other than turning it on. I charged it overnight and then tried the old "wipe cache" from the...
  2. T

    System MonCon: Updates

    v1.6.5_ap ☛ Compiled for Android Tiramisu with dependencies update. ☛ Some bug fixes and corrections as suggested.
  3. Android News

    Google Maps is now asking you to tag places you've been with feature attributes

    Some people are seeing a new feature in their Google Maps application for places they have been or reviewed in the past. If you have, you'll see a question that asks you if you know what features the place has. If you do, you can choose from pre-selected features that have been used to describe...
  4. Android News

    User says Google Now on Tap doesn't require Google Now cards to be enabled to work

    Someone on Reddit says they just receive a Google app update that brought it to version They say that once the update was applied, they are now able to use Google Now on Tap, without having to enable Google Now cards. When checking this myself, I can confirm that Google Now on Tap...
  5. Android News

    Previously teased VSCO update is now rolling out to users

    Toward the end of last week the developers of VSCO teased a new UI update was headed to both iOS and Android users. They didn't tell us when the update was going to go live, but that day has come. If you haven't received the update notification for VSCO yet, keep an eye out for it because...
  6. Android News

    Google updates YouTube Gaming to v1.4.41, adds event notifications, a not Interested action and more

    YouTube Gaming is Google's way to compete with Twitch.tv and today the company is rolling out a new update to the app. The new update brings the app to version 1.4.41 and includes the following changes. . . - Recommended videos now have a 'Not interested' option in the overflow menu - "Go...
  7. Android News

    Google updates Chrome to v51, removes the Merge Tabs and Apps feature

    We've seen this Merge Tabs feature removed from both the Dev and Beta builds of Chrome v51, but today the stable branch of the Chrome browser has officially removed it. Along with removing this feature, this update is said to include "two barges full of performance and stability fixes."
  8. Android News

    Slack announces voice calling is now rolling out to everyone

    Slack has been letting select users of its service make one-on-one calls to other members on your Slack team. Today, the company has announced this beta program has now been completed and the feature is available to everyone.
  9. Android News

    Microsoft updates their Bing Search app, adds image search, a barcode scanner and more

    Fans of Bing search can look forward to an update being pushed to your device over the next few days. Microsoft has just released an update that adds the ability to search by an image captured on your camera, touch query, image insights and a barcode scanner for shoppers.
  10. Android News

    Latest Google Play Music update adds podcasts to Android Auto, UI tweaks, and more

    Google is rolling out a new update to their Play Music application and this brings the app up to version 6.9. This update brings support for podcasts to Android Auto, they've added a Genre Selector in the New Releases screen, and they made some miscellaneous UI tweaks.
  11. Android News

    Developers tease a new update to VSCO, includes a new search feature, gestures and a redesigned UI

    The developers behind the popular photography editing and community application VSCO have just announced a new update is coming to both iOS and Android. You'll be able to look through the content of other people's work, search for topics, share photos with the community, and the update comes...
  12. Android News

    APK for Hangouts v10 is available, no official change log yet

    Someone uploaded Hangouts version 10 to APK Mirror today. It seems the company skipped over version 9 altogether but there isn't an official change log anywhere to be found.
  13. Android News

    Future Inbox by Gmail update could bring a new virtual assistant

    Google has just pushed out a new update to Inbox, bringing the app up to version 1.24 and while there aren't any big changes, they do seem to be working on a new feature for the future. Cody of Android Police did an APK teardown and noticed some strings that hinted at a new virtual assistant...
  14. Android News

    Google Keep update adds link previews, avoids duplicates and will autocomplete grocery lists

    The Google Docs team on Twitter has just announced a new update being pushed out to the Google Keep application. Google Keep will now previews links, dodges duplicates & autocomplete grocery lists for you.
  15. Android News

    Latest update to Facebook Messenger adds more emojis to choose from

    Facebook has just announced a new update to their Messenger application that adds a wider selection of emojis for chat. Specifically, the update adds "over 1,500 newly designed Messenger emojis." And no matter which version of Messenger you have, the new emojis will look the same on Android...
  16. Android News

    You can now view Ricoh Theta/Theta S photos in Google Cardboard with the latest app update

    Both the Ricoh Theta and Recoh Theta S applications have received an update that will now let you view your 360-degree photos in "head-mounted displays." While they say it won't work for all VR viewers, you it should work in the majority of them. No matter if they are the simple Google...
  17. Android News

    Latest update to Vysor adds a Share All feature for setting up an "Android device farm"

    Koush has just updated his Chrome app, Vysor, and added a new feature that he's calling Server Share. The idea is, you can create your own device farm consisting of Android smartphones and tablets. Then you can share this link with people who you want to give access to. Those people will then...
  18. Android News

    Future YouTube update could add ways to sort your search results

    Google recently pushed out an update to their YouTube application, bringing its version up to v11.20. While nothing changed on the surface, an APK teardown does reveal that an upcoming update could let you sort your search results just like you can on the desktop.
  19. Android News

    Nexus users could get unlimited original quality backups for their pictures via Google Photos

    Android Police just did an APK teardown on the latest app update to Google Photos and it revealed some interesting data. If the strings discovered are a hint to the future, Nexus users could get unlimited original quality photo backup via Google Photos. There's no telling when this service...
  20. Android News

    Samsung’s S Health app received an update, will now let you compare your data with friends

    Samsung recently pushed out an update to their S Health application that might make things a little more competitive between you and your friends. The update includes the following changes. . . - Compare step count with friends - A new All Steps stat that combines steps on your device...
  21. Android News

    Microsoft updates Next Lock Screen to v3.2, adds an app launchpad, performance optimizations & more

    Next Lock Screen is a custom lock screen solution from Microsoft and this update comes with a lot of changes. This update includes. . . - New logo and color scheme. The new logo has a streamlined 'N', and expresses our identity as a location-based lock screen. - Notifications: optimized...
  22. Android News

    Periscope's latest update will now permanently save your videos

    Earlier this month, we told you about a new #save hashtag that would signal to Periscope that you want to keep your video (instead of it being lost to time). The developers behind the application have just announced that all Periscope streams will now be saved by default without the need to use...
  23. Android News

    Latest Snapseed update adds apply last edits feature, horizontal flip and more

    We saw Snapseed updated to v2.4 last month and now the developers are pushing out version 2.5. This latest update includes the following changes. . . - Apply Last Edits from the Main Screen. Use this feature to apply the same edits on a new photo that have been applied to the last saved...
  24. Android News

    Some are seeing a new card-style for video options in the YouTube application

    Before, YouTube would show an overlay on the video with the various video options in their YouTube application for Android. Now though, multiple people are starting to see a new card-style system used. This was first spotted a couple of months ago but now seems to be rolling out to more people.
  25. Android News

    You can now update embedded charts from Google Sheets in Docs and Slides (on the web)

    Google has just announced a new update for their Google Docs and Google Slides services. If you like to use embedded charts from Google Sheets in either of these services (on the web), you'll be happy to hear that you can now update them within the page with a single click.