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    Can you disable the Recents button on the navigation bar for Android 13?

    On my Galaxy S22 phone (running Android 13), when I tap the Recents button on the navigation bar, it shows "# active in background" at the top of the screen if I have # apps active in the background (assuming # > 0). If I then click on "# active in background", a window will pop up labeled...
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    [Best App] App Lock Fingerprint Vault - Hide Photos & Videos Locker

    App Lock - Fingerprint Vault Hide Photo & Videos The Best Fingerprint Applock 2020 to protect Apps by Fingerprint with Photo Vault and Video Locker. If you're looking for yet another level of security for your Android mobile, let AppLock - Fingerprint Vault help you out. This is an...
  3. Android News

    This app locking app lets you use your fingerprint to authenticate access

    Apps which let you lock access to other apps behind a password are nothing new, but here's the first one that lets you authenticate access with your fingerprint scanner using Nexus Imprint, the name for the official fingerprint scanner support of Android 6.0 Marshmallow