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archos 32

  1. M

    Help Archos 32 internal storage problem

    Hello to all of you, first of all congrats for the good job! I want to share a problem from my Archos 32 that noone until now could help me solve. When I am connected to the Internet via Wifi then the internal storage of the device is no more available. I can no more search files, music, photos...
  2. alicez

    Archos 32 adapter

    I just bought an Archos 32 for my grandson and it only came with USB to charge via computer. Does anyone have this unit and do you have an AC adapter? If you do, would you please tell me how I would be able to go about securitng an AC adapter for this Archos 32?
  3. 3

    Archos 32, is it worth it?

    looking for an alternative to the itouch for my kids for Christmas. I have a Samsung Fascinate, love the android OS, and the Archos 32 caught my eye. Anyone with any experience with it?
  4. Coldcloud

    Archos 32 Internet tablet

    Since there has been alot of recent news about Archos new tablets I thought i would start a new thread for these new ones. First off Here is the Archos 32 Internet tablet with pictures at Archos 32 Internet "Tablet" hits the FCC, pictures and manual in tow -- Engadget Archos Gen 8 Tablet...