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archos 43

  1. T

    Help Cafe wifi help

    Ok so my problem is I can connect to wifi no problem at a hotspot where you dont have to sign in, but on my colleges internet students have to sign in. this is a typical cafe log in screen that will redirect you once you log in. it works fine on my laptop in windows and ubuntu, but on my archos...
  2. M

    so my first review on the archos 43

    So i recieved my archos a week or so ago, and before i reviewed anything i wanted to make sure i had got used to it all, so before i bought this device i read mixed reviews of it and watched alot of youtube videos about it, Some problems related to keyboard problems and generally being quite...
  3. johnnysanderstvtech

    US unboxing of archos 43 IT

    check it out; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpskIVBspBk I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. johnnysanderstvtech

    Ordered My Archos 43 IT :D

    I ordered it yesterday and its gonna be here tom. I will do unboxing and a review (about a week or so), both of which can be found on my youtube, http://www.youtube.com/johnnysanderstvtech
  5. johnnysanderstvtech

    43 Now for purchase in US!!!! w00t!!!

    You can now purchase the 43 for 250$ from there site!!! Finally in stock after 2 months!!
  6. johnnysanderstvtech

    Archos 43 Hitting Stores

    I Recently contacted Archos over the 43. I did like there response, but they suck at stocking items. Its been 2 months since ive seen the 43 in stock. In there response the said they will load up this month. I was just wondering does anyone know when it is going to hit stores?
  7. johnnysanderstvtech

    Archos 43 vs 32

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into buying an Android tablet but i dont want one of those cheap nock-off epads or whatever i want something legit so, i went with archos, i cant decide on the 43 or 32. 43: bigger screen hd camera more memory expandable memory kick-stand 16 gb internal storage...
  8. R

    Archos 43 Internet Tablet

    I have wanted a device with much of the over powered specs of the newer Android phones and device that is good a personal media player, something that I could use to avoid cellphone contracts at a low cost, has kickstand, and has Adobe Flash. It provides almost all of that a price from 200-250...