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so my first review on the archos 43

So i recieved my archos a week or so ago, and before i reviewed anything i wanted to make sure i had got used to it all, so before i bought this device i read mixed reviews of it and watched alot of youtube videos about it, Some problems related to keyboard problems and generally being quite slow, so i unboxed the device and updated its firmware which i have heard alot of folks have issues with, and when i turned off the live wallpaper and reset the device after it had installed its software, it soon came to me that it was actually fairly fast. There are a few things that aren't too amazing about it for example the camera is a bit weak, the volume buttons rattle around a bit, and the keyboard does indeed have issues, now i know people will tell me oh well its because of the resisitive touch screen, well this is actually a bit better than the other touch screens ive come across, not as good as a capacitive, I do enjoy the pinch to zoom on my htc desire. Anyway i found some more issues with peoples reactions to the video playback and noticed some people had said its too dark, now i decided to watch Star trek the next generation but i had decided to turn up the brightness of the device and sure enough it was fine, i also did it without and it was fine too, for music and video its awesome playback the screen doesn't lag as much and internet browsing is a bit slow due to my G+ router and the device has an N+ wifi card inside. For a device that i will be using for mostly for the music and will be putting it in the car whilst i travel. :D
In all honesty i have no idea, thats typically archos problems i think hopefully some of there firmware updates should help but I am not too sure, i have been using it for a while now and its okay for in the car use i suppose but else where i have just not bothered lol. I am going to be starting to look into a different tablet soon
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