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Manufactured locked prisoned device, which device should i buy? Anyone?


Aug 28, 2023
Hi all

I am in the market for a reasonable priced tablet/pad purchased the Lenovo M10 for what looked to be a steal, but HDMI dongle would not allow wired screen sharing, Amazon purchase so sent it back.

Then purchased the Honor pad x9 which is the best tablet I have ever used “amazing”, screen, sound and once the google-parasite apps, process and background data theft was disable ultra fast, this one also would not work to mirror the screen, but amazon so decided to keep it, then i had to install a firewall as the Wifi connection was still getting abused, that killed the apps that just don't need Internet access, the only internet access is my browser use period.

But when i plugged in my Ethernet (don’t want or like wifi) internet connection all hell was let loose, the firewall failed, everything google parasite disable all background app disabled, it helped itself, downloading update I didn’t want or need.

I need to install iptables firewall but I am told the Honor pad x9 can not be boot unlocked "its impossible" even if i pay for a code, so will have to send an amazing device back, honestly if anyone can fix the Ethernet problem on this device its a monster for just £159.

So here I am asking you guys what do I buy? Would like a 120 refresh screen, boot unlockable, would like a micro sd slot, ear phone socket and it to mirror share screen via wired hdmi cable and be under £200 at a Push £220, don’t need more that 64gb of internal storage as I store my data on SD so it can be removed when online. Watching movies, listening to music word documents and OS maps.

Any help would be great

My guess is that the "ethernet problem" is actually that your firewall app only covered the WiFi connection. So maybe try looking for a different firewall app?

(This is only a guess, since all I know is what you wrote and I can't investigate anything myself. But almost nobody uses a tablet with a wired ethernet connection, so it's likely that the firewall developer never even considered that and so if it's possible to overlook it they probably did.)

I'm afraid I can't help with your question as I've no idea what tablets are bootloader unlockable, never mind have any sort of development community (since you'll at least want a custom recovery to be available if you plan on rooting). Maybe browse through the XDA-developer device forums and see which ones have anything available, or else check there when you find a tablet that matches your other requirements (I can't suggest anything as my tablets last me best part of a decade so I don't really keep up with what's on the market).
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You're apparently trying to buy an Android tablet that functions the same way as Intel-based computer, a significant misconception. Android devices are based on a entirely different hardware base and the Android operating system is also its own, very different OS. An example being, you cannot just install iptables -- it's a firewall process that's integral to the Linux kernel so it's a part of part of the Android kernel. The issue being it's a matter of being able to enable/configure it actually use it since it's an existing aspect. With a Linux system you just log into a root account, but with Android, that's only possible with a rooted device, and then you need to use a root-only app like AFWall+ with its handy GUI or you need to be very familiar with manually configuring iptables rules. To add to a mix, with Android all the non-root firewall apps (stress that 'all'), you install them as a user-level app. So there is no access to system-level services like iptables. Again, iptables is system-level process. Non-root firewall apps use a clever work-around since there's no access to iptables, they rely upon a local VPN service that tunnels all user-level app online access through that VPN as a filter. That's why you will have more ability to manage even system-level services using a root-only app like AFWall+ but will only have the ability to manage some user-level apps using a non-root app like NetGuard. And specifically, all Android non-root firewall apps are by definition not really actual firewalls (i.e. function with lower-level ports), they're essentially just a filter for other, also non-root, apps.

In your description, you want to be able to manually manage your device's online connectivity at a granual level so Android is probably not your best choice. Buy a laptop. instead, using Windows you can use either its integral firewall or install a third-party firewall, or if you install a Linux distro work with iptables (or nftables) or some GUI-based utility.
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Thank you Hadron for you reply.

Yes I get most people use WIFI but they wouldn't if they were aware of the true science, research and the health issues, I have a hard wired system costing a fortune to install, plugs points on walls, wire under floors ultra fast - ultra reliable never fails ultra safe and clean for humans to live. The human brain & body is all about micro electrical current, Wifi is not compatible with the human body its creates toxins, many studies on the effects of radio/ radiation on the human body, military personal getting sick huge cancer problems, but Google Microsoft and your local government parasites all have a vested interest in this insecure unsafe technology. Step outside of my house and my frequency device scream the place down.

Fun fact Hardon your body heals at night, chemical release and travel round the body healing injury, dealing with toxins, repairing and enhancing mobile/ wifi frequency preventing the body going into deep sleep and as such creating and releasing chemicals creation for the process mentioned.

Svim - good of your to also to take the time , you were absolutely right in all you said, an eloquent response, and yes I do want my cake and eat it so to speak in terms of Linux instead a Windows and custom roms instead of google, and ethernet over wifi unless on holiday or at the pub. Lol

I know I will have to root the device to install at a granular level a firewall application that kills all internet movement accept what I allow, can you imagine being the god and controller of my purchase, lol.

I had hoped someone on the site may share my vision, wants and need to stop the murdered of these amazing devices by parasites like google who by design didn’t include a fully functioning firewall, go figure!

While I do agree a laptop is more favourable it would be nice in a Linux flavour (maybe one day). For my £200 mark I get a Celeron which is like buying a Ford car and wondering like my experience shows with the cheaper end laptops why it only last a year before the door don’t close properly showing signs of poor build quality.

Been looking at the Lenovo P11 its £230 bit over my budget, from what I see I can root it without manufactures permission via codes, set me right if I am wrong, and this will give me control to install that annoying parasite killer firewall.

Any advice on this would be really good.
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Rooting an Android device was at one time relatively easier to accomplish but has increasingly become more cumbersome. Both the manufacturers (hardware) and Google (software) have implemented measures to make rooting a more specific project. Again, if you're trying to force your Android device to be functionally similar to 'hack' as an Intel-based PC, it's now a more of daunting task. Even more so if you're not familiar with Android's code base at a low level nor the ARM-based hardware it runs on top of. Be sure to thoroughly research whichever Android device you buy, something like a permanently locked bootloader can be a significant stumbling block for some models. There is no such thing as some kind universal solution to rooting an Android device, it's very model specific.
I'd still suggest you will find it less of a hassle to just buy a laptop since you want to control networking services at such a fundamental status.
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