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  1. A

    Help sm-t520 10" tablet can't boot, can't connect to odin

    Samsung usb driver is installed and usb debugging is enabled. I get pop-ups all the time: "Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped". I got original firmware from the web : T520UEUANI1_T520XACANI1_HOME.tar.md5 . I than booted in download mode and ran odin v.3.13.1, but "Added!!" did not...
  2. G0ldengirl52

    I need help choosing a tablet

    Could I get help on choosing a tablet as I already have to return one, I obviously spent too little on it: YQ10S Android Tablet - I like my 2016, generation 7 Kindle Fire HD better than the YQ. So now I'm thinking about a Samsung, but not the S9 as I don't draw at all so why get that. I...
  3. T

    Help How can I reinstall Android on my car's tablet display?

    I bought a used Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020. The previous owner apparently replaced the stock display with a tablet that runs Android. The connections seem fine (power, stereo, BT, Wi-Fi). But the UI is clunky, there's no access to the Play Store, and in general the OS seems unofficial. How can...
  4. G


    I have two Nokia T20 tablets which are identical, one of them has received the Android 13 update but shows android security update for 5th July 23 the other is still on Android 12 but has security update 5th August 23, I keep checking them both but no change, is this normal behaviour or is there...
  5. A

    speech to text

    Speech to text (as used for e-mail and text messaging) is common on Android phones but I find nothing for Android tablets. Doing e-mail from a Anfroid tablet is simple enough and more than a few people like to talk their e-mail content rather than type it. Is there any basic reason speech to...
  6. killazsiga77

    Cable data transfer

    is it possible to transfer files from a nokia t10 tablet to another phone (oppo reno 5z) with a cable if so how
  7. F

    Manufactured locked prisoned device, which device should i buy? Anyone?

    Hi all I am in the market for a reasonable priced tablet/pad purchased the Lenovo M10 for what looked to be a steal, but HDMI dongle would not allow wired screen sharing, Amazon purchase so sent it back. Then purchased the Honor pad x9 which is the best tablet I have ever used “amazing”...
  8. Y

    Photo Viewer from USB

    Greetings from the PNW. I have a new tablet - Galaxy Tab S7. I have many questions but chief among them is: is there a way to view photos that are on a usb stick where I can scroll thru them quickly? I can see the stick and open the folder with the pictures. But can only open one at a...
  9. O

    Help SD card works on phone and 1 tablet, not on 2 other tablets???

    Hi folks! i use a tablet as my primary computer, with a large SD card as my 'hard drive' My current tablet is dying the death of 1000 cuts. I ordered a new tablet, and was surprised to see that it couldn't read the SD card. I tried a second SD card, and it couldn't read that one either. I...
  10. S

    Samsung tablet s8 Ultra

    I've had a Samsung tablet S8+ for over a year and really wanted the bigger verision the Ultra. Here in the US the Ultra is only a Wifi tablet. Over in Europe it has a SIM card slot and is able to do cellulure and wifi. I seached some websites and felt I could purchase the European tablet and...
  11. elflamablanca

    Can you run Android Auto app on a tablet instead of your phone?

    Is it possible to use a tablet like a Samsung Galaxy tablet with android auto? I am not talking about using the tablet as the head unit. I am talking about using the tablet instead of my phone to connect to AA on my infotainment screen.
  12. L

    Adding addresses to contacts

    Hi, I'm new ish to Android, My tablet runs android 12 and is a Fusion F 202. My Q is there isn't any facility to add addresses to contacts within the contact list ap, some advice please.
  13. H

    Is there a simple TV type remote control for my tablet?

    I watch a LOT of video on my tablet in bed and elsewhere. It's on a stand and it sits on the bed or the side table. It annoys me having to get my hands out to control the video, especially when it's cold. Is there any such thing as a remote like the one for the chromecast-with-google-TV, so I...
  14. S

    Help Tablet app crashes help

    I think this is in the right section so I have a headwolf Wpad3 running Android 12 I've wipped the tablet clean to install it fresh again and I think the crashes have something to do with an update but these are the issues Youtube after the update on the system crashes the app as soon as it...
  15. N

    Issues when wifi/bluetooth is enabled on device

    I recently purchased a Yumkem T13 tablet, running android 10 go, as a non working unit. I have been able to reset the device in recovery mode and it seems to work until I try to enable wifi or Bluetooth. As soon as I turn these on the device crashes almost instantly and I have to reset it again...
  16. L

    Can my charging port on my tablet be fixed? And my phone dying around 80-90 something percent

    It's currently on 1% I have it off. Long story short I missed up my charging port by constantly yucking it out . It still could charging but the charging wouldn't go all the way it just would go halve way enough for it to charge but I couldn't hold the tablet or the charging would drop out. I...
  17. Wookbert

    Alldocube iPlay 50 Tablet (Android 12): Display output is greenish + artificial sharpening artifacts

    Note that the described tinting effect is IMO, and based on my eagle eye and 30+ years experience in the field neither caused by the color of the backlight LEDs (as one would immediately think from seeing the snapshots; I know backlight color variations ... this clearly isn’t one), nor as the...
  18. Joel_Gresch

    Help Tablet Once was Fast, Now is Slow

    Hello all! Long-time Reader, first-time poster. So, the long short is that I have a tablet that used to be very fast, and now is very very very slow, and I have no explanation why. It's an Asus Memo Pad 7 LTE. Back when I had a slow and unreliable phone, this was my mobile gaming / YouTube...
  19. S

    Hotel WiFi Tablet will not connect

    THis past week i took my new Android Tablet to a Hampton and it would not recognize the KingPad M10 table while my Pixel-3 phone connected perfectly. Any secret setting that I am missiing?
  20. C

    TMAX Tablet 9'' Android version update?

    Hey guys, so i got this tmax tm9s775 tablet for free and im trying to update the android software or flash a completely modern firmware on itt. It has jellybean 4.1.1 on it and its terrible. Can anyone assist please? Would like to keep it and throw a newer android version on it but if its a pain...
  21. S


    Thank you to everyone who helped me with my problems in 2020. It is much appreciated. ...... john
  22. David Devoy

    Tablet not responding

    I left my 2 year old Samsung 10 inch tablet on standby last night. This morning the screen is blank and it won't respond to the power button at all. Short push, long push, push and hold for 2 minutes ... nothing. Power button and "volume up" together .... nothing. I know it is live because it...
  23. L

    Help Can't load Android system.

    I started getting this message everytime. Nothing works so far. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Is there some way to fix it without factory reset?
  24. Usalabs

    Cases Do NOT under any circumstances root the RCA tablet, and here's why.

    After buying the RCA Viking Pro (around 2 years a go), I noticed it was really quick, even though it had a stock firmware and Android 5, but I wanted to root it so I used a custom ROM (Surf1001), and installed the new ROM along with the new loader, so now when I check up the stats, it shows (at...
  25. Georgiaboy9009

    Help Stuck In Recovery Mode, Power Button Not Working

    I have an Android tablet operating on 7.1.2, model is a MAXIMUS 3.0, which is designed for Automotive Diagnostics on an open Android platform built by LAUNCH and distributed by Matco Tools. For a few months now my power button has been unresponsive, today the tablet just randomly rebooted itself...