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Aug 22, 2023
Greetings from the PNW.

I have a new tablet - Galaxy Tab S7. I have many questions but chief among them is: is there a way to view photos that are on a usb stick where I can scroll thru them quickly?

I can see the stick and open the folder with the pictures. But can only open one at a time. Then have to revert to the thumbnails and open the next. Way to cumbersome. On my previous tablet - Kindle Fire, there was no issue. Just open the folder and pic # and tap for the next.

Doesn't seem like this should be difficult. What am I missing.?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the replies. The tablet has Gallery as the default app. That is what I tried to use. I don't see an option to have it look anywhere other than the default folder. I've tried a couple of other photo viewers from the store with the same unacceptable result.

I do not care to put my personal photos on line. Call me paranoid but having duplicate physical copies seems more secure.
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I found this on the net that might help:
Find files on a USB
  • Connect a USB storage device to your Android device.
  • On your Android device, open Files by Google .
  • At the bottom, tap Browse. . ...
  • Tap the storage device that you want to open. Allow.
  • To find files, scroll to 'Storage devices' and tap your USB storage device.
Also this: Use USB storage devices - Files by Google Help
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Thanks again but no luck.

Clue: When the pictures are in the internal memory I can open in Gallery and scroll through. But if on the SD card or thumb drive I can open only one at a time.

If that is the best it can be I'll be returning and looking for something that doesn't have this dumb restriction.
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Not suggesting that you change your ways but most everyone backs up and views their phone photos via a cloud service. They are easy to view on all of your devices and are protected from loss. Being as it's such a popular option, there isn't a concerted effort to provide an easy means to view photos off of portable storage. I would suggest what tablet might be more accommodating to your viewing desires but I don't have a brand / model that I'm certain will fill your desires. Good luck.
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