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  1. J

    Android 4.4.2(Kitkat): Screen Lock and Reaching Files Through USB

    Hello. I have an Android 4.4.2(Kitkat) mobile phone which needs to be repaired.(It doesn't charge) I have some important files in it. I don't want the people who repairs it to reach my files. Before my phone had this problem, it had a password which worked as a screen lock. I had to enter it...
  2. Y

    Photo Viewer from USB

    Greetings from the PNW. I have a new tablet - Galaxy Tab S7. I have many questions but chief among them is: is there a way to view photos that are on a usb stick where I can scroll thru them quickly? I can see the stick and open the folder with the pictures. But can only open one at a...
  3. J

    Help Phone wont sleep/recurring USB connect/disconnect notification

    Hi, New this forum, thanks for having me. Apologies if these issues have been deal with elsewhere. At the end of my rope with these two problems which happened simultaneously: the phone suddenly wont sleep, and I'm receiving constant connect/disconnect usb notifications. I've tried: cleaning...
  4. P

    MiX Explorer Unable to Access USB Drive

    I have MiX Explorer installed under Android 13 on a Pixel 6. How do I give it permission to read and write to a USB file system? What are the best file managers currently available for Android?
  5. N

    USB tethering with SIP VOIP?

    I can't connect to a SIP VOIP account when my laptop is USB tethered to my Moto phone, but VOIP works when using the same phone's wifi hotspot. I prefer USB mainly because the phone charges while tethered. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. H

    Help Access a device camera using another device with USB Cable

    Hello! I've a useless Chinese Android device and I had an idea this afternoon to let it work as a camera for my main car Android console. There's how: - I've an Android console on my car, and it has 2 USB in-puts. (Like those in pc) - And I have a Chinese device (Which is supposed to be used...
  7. M

    USB comms between Tablet and Ubuntu PC Exception

    Hi I have an Ubuntu laptop and a Android 9 Tablet (Samsung Active 2). The tablet is connected to the laptop with FTDI connectors and a NULL cable. The code to connect to the laptop through the FTDI connectors and NULL cable is below: import android.hardware.usb.UsbDevice; import...
  8. A

    No Data Transfer via μ-USB Port

    Hello All, The micro USB port of my phone is a Motorola G4 Play (Harpia) has stopped working for a long time — no data transfer of any sort, no OTG, no ADB, no File-Transfer, nothing; only charging works. I thought it was the port to PCB soldering, so I re-soldered it. Didn't work. I changed...
  9. A

    Help USB not working at all

    Hi there! I need some advice, dont kwnow what else to do.. I am unable to conect my phone to PC through USB. Mi phone is MotoG3 with Android Marshmallow. Already tried all possible solutions: - change cables, change pc, etc. The problem ends up being the phone. Cable is ok, PC is ok...
  10. P

    Help Wired connection multiplayer

    Hey, I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with Minecraft PE, but I'm wondering if there's any way to play multiplayer through Bluetooth or through a wired connection between devices with a usb hub or a USB cable that's mini on both sides, without internet at all. Any advice on this is much...
  11. A

    Help Android File Transfer on Mac can't access micro SD on Moto G3

    Android File Transfer is successfully accessing internal storage and device is set to 'USB for file transfer'. However, the 'Sandisk SD card' section of AFT is blank. It recognises that I have only 511 MB available but there are no actual files visible for me to transfer to Mac. How can I access...
  12. S

    Help Factory reseted rooted phone

    I recently rooted Samsung quattro and for some reasons I have to factory reset and when I did it it stuck at cwm recovery and shows a warning:no_file_contexts and its is not connecting to pc to root or unroot please help me...
  13. Android News

    The USB Implementers Forum announces an authentication spec for USB Type-C

    Sadly, there have been a lot of faulty USB Type-C cables damaging customers' products and the USB Implementers Forum is doing something about it. The organization has just announced the USB Type-C Authentication specification and this is said to stop faulty cables before they damage your products.
  14. H

    Help USB stuck in charge only

    Hi everyone, Need some help here please. Starting off, I'm using a Huawei P8 great phone just stuck at the moment. Basically few months back in the notifications pull down when you connect your phone via USB cable it gives you the option to have charge only, PTP and MTTP if I remember rightly...
  15. A

    Help Arduino usb otg to Android

    Are there Android phones that could communicate with an Arduino via usb otg? I want to read values from the Arduino and display them on the Android phone (and record additional values like speed, distance on the phone). I've read that some phones which have usb otg don't work with Arduino so...
  16. Android News

    MTP Enabler Requires Root Access But Lets You Set MTP/PTP as Default on Android Marshmallow

    XDA Senior Member bitstra, released an application to the community that requires root access but lets you set MTP/PTP to default when you connect a USB cable to a smartphone that is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher