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Help Phone wont sleep/recurring USB connect/disconnect notification


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Aug 22, 2023
New this forum, thanks for having me. Apologies if these issues have been deal with elsewhere. At the end of my rope with these two problems which happened simultaneously: the phone suddenly wont sleep, and I'm receiving constant connect/disconnect usb notifications. I've tried: cleaning USB port, clearing usb cache, is not in 'stay awake' mode, checked time out settings and installed all recent updates. Phone won't sleep when I push the power button either. Any new ideas would be appreciated thanks.
can you be more specific? are you pushing and holding the power button? or tapping the power button? what happens when you do both? what phone do you have? and what do you mean it won't sleep? the screen never goes off? it just stays on? have you tried rebooting the phone?
Screen used to go black/sleep after set time or when I tapped power button. Now it never goes black/sleep. Of course I've tried rebooting it and all the other thing previously listed. Samsung Galaxy A03
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