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  1. sachertorte

    Ability to custom name phone number: Z Fold 4?

    In the OEM Z Fold 4 contacts, I used to be able to change what a phone number would be called, and I think the option might have been "custom", but I can't remember now. For example, if I had a contact entry for "Amazon", and I wanted to add a second number in addition to customer service, and...
  2. D

    Music starts playing automatically after phone calls or sometimes during calls?

    Ok, this is really annoying. It's been going on for some time now. If I have my Bluetooth headset connected to my phone, everytime I end a call, my music just starts playing automatically. Sometimes immediately after I dial a number and it starts ringing, my music will just start playing...
  3. S

    Help New phone is replacing all SD card contents with "abcd.iso"

    I ordered a brand new phone, an UMIDIGI G1 Max, and everything was perfect, until it briefly lost contact with the 64gb SD card I had in it. The card contained about 46 GB of music and cartoons. Once the phone rediscovered the SD card it said it's capacity was only 2 GB and all of its contents...
  4. E

    My fiance updated her galaxy 13 phone and the OS update erased all her notes and files

    My fiance updated the OS on her galaxy phone and it erased all her files including important recipes and other vital information she needs to conduct business. Why did this happen? How can she recover them. Files weren't back up, they just disappeared from her device. Please help
  5. Alex Ethridge

    Phone asks if I have input pen multiple times a day

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 One day I dropped the phone and since then, I get asked multiple times a day if the input pen is missing. The pen is in its place but I have never used it and if it did get lost, I wouldn't miss it. How can I stop this annoyance?
  6. D

    Android Phone doesn't receice imeasages.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5G phone. About 3 days ago my phone started to not receive messages from iPhone users. I am able to call iPhone users and also receive any form of image from them but not a text. I am able to see their replies in the group chat that I'm in, which is made up of...
  7. N

    Help with linking phone to my TV

    I have a free government phone that I'm trying to hook up to my non- smart tv and the USB c HDMI cable I bought doesn't work with my phone and every cable seller I've talked to says theirs won't work with my phone so what am I doing wrong? My phone is a Moto G Power XT2165DL Thanks!
  8. Z

    Help Phone updating WiFi searches.

    Hi, I am trying to find out how to stop my OnePlus 11 Android mobile from always updating the WiFi internet searches made on my laptop. Every time I go to Chrome, on my phone, all of the internet searches that I made on my laptop are listed, which I then need to delete or the list would be...
  9. S

    How to get full camera resolution?

    Send photo to PC, open in photo editor.
  10. H

    [APP] Change incoming call screen theme - Color Phone

    10,000+ Newest Call Themes 2023 Color Phone - great call screen app that makes a difference for you. Call screen themes make your call screen more unique and interesting with various screen themes. Color Phone is an application that innovates the incoming call screen right on your mobile phone...
  11. jraju

    my moto g9 power off when phone shows 40 percent, and when i click network etc

    hi, I usually charge the phone between 15 to 95 percent and i had no problem at all. But of late, the auto power off give me discontinuance of browsing and buying when I opt for products from online stores etc. It is annoying. I tried cache clearing etc. but the problem persist. when i tap the...
  12. R


    That Blu government phone doesn't do screenshots right any more. I know the standard way is volume down + power, but it isn't working. I got a screenshot app which can be a little tricky and shuts off if storage is running low. Why do screenshots evidently take up less room than regular photos?
  13. E

    Cell phone stops/freezes

    Hello Android friends, I have the problem that my phone stops frequently. When I have music on (Spotify) it closes completely. If I have the keyboard open, it also closes (even when typing)Then I can no longer go to the keyboard for half a minute. Messages sometimes don't appear without going to...
  14. L

    ZTE Blade A3 2019 problems.Video link inside.

    Video The phone constantly heat up and the screen light seems brighter. The camera part heats up. It dies around 97-96 percent even with the charger in. If I want to use it I keep the charging in. I mess up the charger that was given to me to use for it a couple years ago and got a new from my...
  15. AugieTN

    Google phone location

    Can we get Google listed back up to Brands and Models? rather than Archived Content?
  16. Dannydet

    2nd phone number

    Looking for a free 2nd number to use for my side gig... Anything out there? I've tried Text now Text & call free Freetone. Not happy with any of them.... TIA OK, I think I'm all set for now. Installed Google voice as a new 2nd number and seems to be working fine... Still, if anyone has any...
  17. J

    Moto g stylus 5g 2023 model green phone timer disappeared

    Hi . After resetting the phone to factory I lost the green call timer in upper left corner next to the clock. Can anyone please tell me how to get that back. This is not a add on I downloaded. It came included with factory software. Thank you
  18. D

    Need to know what notification icon

    Saw this on my boyfriend’s phone and just want to know what app notification it is
  19. J

    Help Phone wont sleep/recurring USB connect/disconnect notification

    Hi, New this forum, thanks for having me. Apologies if these issues have been deal with elsewhere. At the end of my rope with these two problems which happened simultaneously: the phone suddenly wont sleep, and I'm receiving constant connect/disconnect usb notifications. I've tried: cleaning...
  20. 3030tsantini

    Heart icon on my boyfriends phone.Does anyone know what this is? And the other lock icon app also?

  21. A

    No Smart Lock on Moto G 5G (2023)

    I replaced my broken OnePlus N20 w/ a Moto G ('23) and there's no 'Smart Lock' option in settings. Is there a similar option on the Moto G, or do I have to unlock everytime my screen goes off? Thanks.
  22. H

    Locked out after phone call

    If someone forgets to end a call after phoning me I find my phone is locked i.e the screen remains black and hitting the power button does not seem to awaken it. My phone -------- Honor 10 lite Android 10
  23. O

    Help SD card works on phone and 1 tablet, not on 2 other tablets???

    Hi folks! i use a tablet as my primary computer, with a large SD card as my 'hard drive' My current tablet is dying the death of 1000 cuts. I ordered a new tablet, and was surprised to see that it couldn't read the SD card. I tried a second SD card, and it couldn't read that one either. I...
  24. N

    What happens to my data if I uninstall Google Phone App updates

    If I uninstall updates to my Google Phone app, what will happen to data like recent calls, contacts, visual voicemail, etc.? Thanks.
  25. H

    How can I stop my phone charging at the recommended 80%?

    If, as recommended in several videos I've watched, it's helpful for battery longevity to avoid full charging (and leaving on charge when full) how can I best do that? I have a Galaxy A13 and as far as I'm aware there's no way to make it stop charging automatically. My next step was apps that...