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The phone constantly heat up and the screen light seems brighter. The camera part heats up. It dies around 97-96 percent even with the charger in. If I want to use it I keep the charging in. I mess up the charger that was given to me to use for it a couple years ago and got a new from my sister. I don't know if that played apart was eventually it starting heating up but didn't die quick like how it is now. My current charger the bottom piece wall piece is a Samsung 5.0.v outpou sorry my eyes are terrible and I can barely read the writing on this. My apps keep closing as u can see in the video. I have done a reset still the same. I don't have a job or money to fix this issue and was wondering if anybody had any guesses what is causing this. Any recommendation for chargers. If is the battery there is nothing I can do. My tablet charging port is destroyed, the two other phones I was given started hearing up and dropping like and and both died.


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