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    ZTE Blade A3 2019 problems.Video link inside.

    Video The phone constantly heat up and the screen light seems brighter. The camera part heats up. It dies around 97-96 percent even with the charger in. If I want to use it I keep the charging in. I mess up the charger that was given to me to use for it a couple years ago and got a new from my...
  2. K

    Upgrade From Android 5.1 To Android 9.0 On ZTE N9518

    My Phone Does Not Support Root, I'm Not Going To Buy A New Phone Because I Just Want To Get Android 9.0 So I Can Use Phone Link And Better Emojis And Other Crazy Stuff Like That, But I Can't Do That Because My Phone Has No Root And I Can't Do It via Update!
  3. M


    Please help. My husband thinks his phone has been hacked or it's under an MDM of some kind. I need help reading log files & really just help to figure out if he's been hacked, by who, what MDM if there is one & how to fix it. If it's something else or something wrong with the phone if someone...
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    Possible Water Damage To Phone

    Hi my name is Mike. I have had my ZTE Blade Spark phone since 2017. Recently, I believe it got wet accidentally on the earpiece. Not a lot just a few drops. Afterwards I made a phone call and sounded very distorted. Same thing for my speakers while watching a youtube video, distorted as well...
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    ZTE Blade A3 Prime Thread

    ZTE BLADE A3 PRIME GENERAL THREAD PHONE SPECS As we find out more about the device I will list it here. Again I do not have one of these myself so I'm relying on people that do to feed me this info Codename: Z5157, could be V or Y as a suffix depending on if it's Visible or Yahoo Android: 10...
  6. Android News

    ZTE Axon 9 and Axon 9 Pro trademarked

    If trademarks are any indication, ZTE is working on the ZTE Axon 9 and ZTE Axon 9 Pro among other Blade devices.
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    ZTE Iceberg has not one but TWO notches

    ZTE kicks things up a notch with the ZTE Iceberg featuring two notches on the top and bottom of the phone's screen.
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    Nubia V18 is now official

    Yet another smartphone went official in China this week - the Nubia V18. It's made of metal and packs a notch-less screen, which is the trending thing now. The Nubia V18 has a 6.01" LCD screen of 1,080 x 2,160 pixels and runs on the Snapdragon 625 chipset.
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    ZTE Tempo Go is the latest Android Go phone with a price of just $80

    ZTE is among the many smartphone makers who are launching budget priced devices that use Google’s Android Go, a version of Android 8 Oreo that has been developed to run on handsets that have 1 GB of RAM or less. This specific handset, revealed as part of MWC 2018, is the ZTE Tempo Go, and it is...
  10. Android News

    ZTE Blade V9 family announced

    ZTE is announcing two new additions to its mid-range Blade phone lineup today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Both the Blade V9 and its cheaper Blade V9 Vita counterpart feature stock Android Oreo 8.1, dual cameras, rear fingerprint sensors, and displays with an 18:9 aspect ratio.
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    ZTE Blade X2 Max headed to Cricket Wireless

    Android Authority is reporting that ZTE plans to bring the Blade X2 Max to Cricket Wireless later this year. The phone will be priced around $200.
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    ZTE Looking for Axon 7 Owners to Beta Test Oreo

    ZTE is looking for Axon 7 owners who are interested in beta testing a near-stock version of Android Oreo for the phone. Head to their community page to sign up.
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    CIA, NSA, FBI chiefs warn against buying Huawei and ZTE phones

    Huawei attempted to enter the US market by partnering with US carriers but the US government pressured AT&T and Verizon to drop the deal. Now CNBC reports that US security chiefs are recommending against buying Huawei phones but also ZTE phones. The heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies...
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    Rumored ZTE Axon 9 details surface

    ZTE's head honcho confirmed that the Axon 9 is coming this year and now some alleged images and specs have surfaced on Weibo. It'll supposedly be an 18:9 device.
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    ZTE to announce Blade V9 at MWC

    A new report suggests ZTE will announce the Blade V9 at MWC and it will feature the Snapdragon 450 processor along with the new industry standard 18:9 resolution.
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    Qualcomm signs $2B agreement with Lenovo, Xiaomi, vivo, Oppo, and ZTE for components and 5G devices

    Qualcomm has signed memorandums of understanding for sales with Lenovo, Oppo, vivo, ZTE, Watech and Xiaomi. The Chinese companies expressed interest in purchasing $2 billion worth of components in the next three years. The companies also agreed to work together in developing 5G-compliant...
  17. Android News

    ZTE to skip Axon 8, go for Axon 9 this year

    ZTE’s CEO, Cheng Lixin, made some news at the launch of the foldable Axon M smartphone in the company’s native China last week by announcing that the Axon 9 will be the name of its newest flagship smartphone for 2018.
  18. Android News

    ZTE Axon 7 Android Oreo Update Now in Testing with Near Stock Android UI

    XDA Developers is reporting that Android Oreo for the Axon 7 is getting ready to roll out in April and appears to resemble stock Android much closer than its former MiFavor-like UI.
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    New ZTE handset with Android 8.1 Oreo on board gets Wi-Fi certified

    A new ZTE handset with Android 8.1 Oreo recently stopped by the WiFi Alliance for certification.
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    ZTE Axon M launches in China this Saturday, Europe by the end of the quarter

    The foldable ZTE Axon M launched on AT&T first, that was in November. Today, ZTE held a ceremony at the 258m tall Olympic Tower in Beijing to announce that the M will be available in China very soon - January 20. Locals will be able to snag a unit online from MyZTE.com and JD.com.
  21. Android News

    ZTE to come up with more foldable smartphones

    ZTE says it's committed to the idea of foldable smartphones despite the lackluster response to the Axon M. ZTE will expand its foldable phone lineup, ZTE's vice president of marketing Jeff Yee said this during an interview at the recently concluded CES.
  22. Android News

    ZTE plans to launch a 5G-ready device in the US by 2019

    ZTE says it has plans to have a 5G-ready device available in the United States by 2019. ZTE's CEO said the device could come as early as late 2018.
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    ZTE briefly lists the Blade V9 listed on its website

    An official product page for the ZTE Blade V9 briefly went online and was subsequently pulled down. The peage revealed that the Blade V9 is ZTE's first phone with an 18:9 aspect screen.
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    ZTE Blade A3 now available in Quite Blue

    ZTE has launched a new color option for its dual selfie camera sporting Blade A3 smartphone. The new option is named Quite Blue. The total number of color options for the handset has increased to three - the other two being Glacier Blue and Obsidian Black.
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    ZTE Axon 7 Oreo update will arrive in April next year

    Over at ZTE's German forums, the company has confirmed in a post that Oreo for Axon 7 will start rolling in April 2018.Z