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  1. Six dots Software

    [Game] Tanky for Android - Remastered

    Intro Hi fellow game developers, we’ve worked hard on our skills and completely rebuild our tank game for Android. To be honest, it was a rough ride. There are so many aspects to think about: storyline, consistancy, controls, difficulty ladder, graphics, sounds… Luckily, the Godot Engine has a...
  2. P

    "Fully charged in 8 hours"

    OK, this was just a catch phrase but it did say it. Suddenly my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is saying incorrect or bad charging times. It said "8 hours 12 minutes to fully charge at 19%" I unplugged and plugged back in "1 hour 55 minutes" I click the lock screen on and off "3 12 minutes until charged"...
  3. T

    Help Can't use my phone. Help!

    My Samsung A10 doesn't work when its memory is full, so I downloaded these apps yesterday and it happened, usually I just uninstall something, or clean some apps data. But this time, my phone rebooted, and now it can't start Android system. So I can't access anything. How can I recover control...
  4. A

    Letters Match: Pairs Puzzle - puzzle game for relax [Free] [Game]

    Hi, everybody! ;) I am an indie developer and I created cool letters puzzle game - Letters Match. I would appreciate feedback and ideas for improvement. Thanx! Letters Match combines the best of the games you love. It’s a mix of pairs matching, word searching and field clearing games. We take...
  5. Y

    Implementation of Runtime Resource Overlay from Vendor Directory , For my Learning Purpose.

    How to Implement Both Static and Dynamic Runtime Resource Overlay for an Android Automotive Product from Vendor Directory of AOSP 12L ? Using Runtime Resource Overlay, How to change the whole appearance of that Automotive Product, Like the overall Appearance of SystemUI and other Applications...
  6. B

    Accessing learned words in Samsung Galaxy keyboard

    Hi! I'm currently sharing a phone with someone who's being pretty shifty and I just need some help. I was typing an email address in the search bar of a browser on the Samsung Galaxy a12 we share when a whole bunch of suggestions popped up. They were all usernames ( @username ) in the...
  7. N

    What Sources Do you Know for Secure Android Games Download?

    Hi, Can you guide the sources where one can download android games safely, other than Google Play?
  8. S

    Using Android with apple CarPlay

    Hi all I have recently just bought a 2019 BMW new car and it only supports Apple CarPlay, is there a way I can use my android instead without having to pay a 3rd party company to basically take my whole dash apart to fit a new system?
  9. V

    Searching for a Desktop that could handle Android Studio

    So, I am currently working on a WEAK 8gb ram office computer and it obviously cannot handle Android Studio (running my apps, and opening the emulator, functioning fast is all a struggle) I'm in a search for a new desktop and I don't want to make a mistake so here are some specs I found and I'm...
  10. Rob

    Android vs iPhonr users

    This cracked me up: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8r9Dsfo/
  11. M

    Need a recommendation for Android

    Hello, I'm looking for a new mobile phone. It must have 10,000+ mAh, be under 6.5 inches, and fall within the price range of 200-500 euros. It should not have any technical issues.My current phone is the Blackview 10000 Pro (it's over 3 years old, and I was happy with that mobile). So, if you...
  12. alexhob123

    Help redmi note 12 5g android 12

    i have a Redmi note 9s with android 12 on it i want to buy a Redmi Note 12 5g but I don't know if it has android 12 on it i need to know as i am trying to restore all of my data on my Redmi Note 9s to that phone if I get it that is. i'm trying to use google to restore everything on my old phone
  13. R

    [New Android App] AI Yearbook Photo App

    AI Yearbook invites you to a spectacular journey through time with a rich collection of artificially generated 90s photographs. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic vibes and revel in memories, all while exploring the wonders of AI technology! Artificially Generated 90’s Pictures Our innovative...
  14. T

    Help How can I reinstall Android on my car's tablet display?

    I bought a used Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020. The previous owner apparently replaced the stock display with a tablet that runs Android. The connections seem fine (power, stereo, BT, Wi-Fi). But the UI is clunky, there's no access to the Play Store, and in general the OS seems unofficial. How can...
  15. teddy28

    [News] Warcraft Rumble release date revealed for Android and iOS

    The new real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment will officially launch on November 3, 2023, coinciding with the start of BlizzCon 2023, the company's biggest annual event. The game, which has been in testing since August, is already available for pre-registration on the iOS and...
  16. kinderheim511

    Having problems emulating Android >12

    Notification says Serial console enabled, performance is impacted. I've tried 12 and 13, browser looks like this:
  17. R

    Android Auto update has no ETA, alternate routes

    I have an Audi A4, and a Pixel 6 running Android 13. The most recent update to Android auto appears to no longer show me ETA, nor the alternate routes button. Here is a screenshot: What's going on here? (As a second question, what is the lower left icon, the thing that looks like four...
  18. D

    Android Phone doesn't receice imeasages.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5G phone. About 3 days ago my phone started to not receive messages from iPhone users. I am able to call iPhone users and also receive any form of image from them but not a text. I am able to see their replies in the group chat that I'm in, which is made up of...
  19. R

    [NEW Android App] Phone Tracker - GPS Tracker

    Phone tracker is a real-time GPS location tracking app that ensures you can safely monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones. Phone tracker was designed to primarily for find location by phone number, the gps tracker app aims to capture the real-time location of users. It then logs this data...
  20. H

    [APP] Change incoming call screen theme - Color Phone

    10,000+ Newest Call Themes 2023 Color Phone - great call screen app that makes a difference for you. Call screen themes make your call screen more unique and interesting with various screen themes. Color Phone is an application that innovates the incoming call screen right on your mobile phone...
  21. H

    System application Android 12 with strange name

    Hi, On my Moto G31 phone discovered a strange name application that was having access to my storage, calendar and contacts. Now it is deactivated with no possibility to uninstall it. It is the last application showing in the system application list, a strange name like Chinese characters...
  22. M

    Motorola moto8

    hi everyone i have a motorola moto 8 phone and unfortunately i can't figure out how to hide the apps and i can't find the notification history on the phone.thanks for the advice
  23. W

    Reinstall Android without losing apps + data?

    Hello, A recent upgrade killed Android on my phone o_O Not being an expert, in a hurry, I booted up OrangeFox, reinstalled the custom ROM Android (both installed by the previous owner)… and lost the apps + data. In anticipation for the the next time: Is is possible to install a fresh Android...
  24. Plocky

    [Free] Solitaire Master - An amazing collection of solitaires

    If you like solitaires, you must try Solitaire Master, you won't regret it... I am an indie developer and after more than 2 years of work, I have published a new collection of solitaires, to replace Solitaire Collection (Lite and Premium versions) that have been in the Play Store for more than...
  25. D

    Help Android wifi not connecting

    Hi , I have a Vivo smartphone with Android OS . I used to connect with my department wifi very often without any issues . One day , it stopped connecting to the same wifi . Usually the wifi redirect me to a web page for registration . And now , it just shows connecting .... connecting ...