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  1. A

    Help Help - What apps are these notifications icons coming from?

    Hi everyone, I’d like to know the apps the two notification icons with the smiley face and what looks like an ‘N’ are coming from. The last may look like messenger, but I’ve never seen one like this? Does anyone see it like this? Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance
  2. pookel

    Please help me find the source of this annoying beep that's actually a ringtone

    Context: I have an Asus Zenfone 8 mini with Android 13. For months, but only intermittently, I've been getting this annoying alert sound with 3 descending tones. I muted sounds and notifications in a bunch of apps, but it kept happening. It seemed like it might correlate with Facebook messenger...
  3. N

    Help needed

    Can anyone help with what these love heart icon/notifications are on a Samsung galaxy phone please before I possibly end a relationship and make myself look a fool ha ha
  4. J

    Help Phone wont sleep/recurring USB connect/disconnect notification

    Hi, New this forum, thanks for having me. Apologies if these issues have been deal with elsewhere. At the end of my rope with these two problems which happened simultaneously: the phone suddenly wont sleep, and I'm receiving constant connect/disconnect usb notifications. I've tried: cleaning...
  5. B

    Notification grouping

    Hello. Since a recent update on my Galaxy, the notifications aren't grouped in the pull down menu. Anyone know how to revert that back?
  6. O

    Mystery notifications

    I've had mystery notifications (audible notification with no popup) for about two years. Installed Nice Catch and now now the cause of the notifications. How do I kill this notification. Android System; Power Key
  7. J

    Suspicious notifications

    Hi guys, I'm really not very tech savvy, and would just like some peace of mind regarding a notification I have on my phone EVERY DAY. "Contacts imported successfully" but I'm not importing any contacts and can't work out why the constant notifications. Am I just paranoid or is this irregular...
  8. P

    What are these notification icons?

    Someone sent me this screenshot asking what these icons are and I am stumped regarding some of them. I've reverse image searched them all to no avail.
  9. MTNSteveR

    Alerts about ghosts?

    All throughout the day, I receive notification tones, but when I bring up my notification panel, there are no new notices. Where are these tones coming from? Are there ghosts in my phone??
  10. P

    Heart notification icon

    Hi. Yes I have looked at most of the other threads.... Can't seem to find it. Anyone know what this icon is from?
  11. Kiran1993

    How to remove or hide this volume notification in Android

    How to remove or hide this volume notification in android program on click on volume up button. is their any method do it Please let me know.
  12. G

    Do Not Disturb Mode not working (unable to turn off notifications)

    Hi, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy 21. I would like to be able to block calls from anyone not in my contacts, and I'd also like to be able to turn off notifications for voicemails (i.e. when someone leaves me a voicemail, I do not want a notification about it). I was able to do both of...
  13. Twisted4k

    Yahoo Mail App Not Showing Notifications?

    I was swiping away notifications from my Yahoo Mail app on my HTC U11 phone and a message eventually appeared asking something along the lines of "we noticed you're swiping away notifications from this app, would you no longer like to receive them?" and I accidentally hit "yes". So now I no...
  14. M

    S21 Galaxy Watch3 Inbound Calls

    I just got a new Galaxy s21 Ultra and a Watch3. When originally paired, caller ID showed on the watch, but it stopped. I reset the watch to factory defaults and paired the watch to the phone. The caller ID worked for a few days then stopped working. I reset the watch again and the caller ID...
  15. cdysthe

    Help Why no push notifications from one specific app?

    Hi, I have several apps that sends me push notifications without problems except for one. And of course that's one I really would like push notifications from. I have set the notifications for this app many times making sure they are enabled and set correctly but whatever I do I get nothing...
  16. masplin

    Notifications content hidden but all setting say show!!!

    Hi. All of my email notifications say "content hidden", but I can't work out why. Things I've done Settings> lock screen>notifications - set on and tap hide content is off, view style is details settings>notifications>email - all account show notifications is on, new emails is on and tap has...
  17. Android News

    A look at Android O's notification coloring says it's "an abomination"

    Jerry from Android Central takes a look at the latest Android O beta and the new notification coloring. He says the colorized notifications are a mess and there are some readability issues.
  18. Android News

    Teardown of Google Phone reveals Android O's notification channels

    Android Police has done an APK Teardown of the latest build of the Google Phone app, revealing that notification channels are coming in Android O. There are six different channels described in just the phone app alone.
  19. A

    Help unknown notification icon

    Hello, in my status notification bar there's an icon that I don't recognize... It is made of a 3 planets orbits. Do you know which app is it? here it is: thank you!
  20. A

    Help Different reminders for different calendars

    I have a Google calendar for meetings and another Google calendar for everything else. I'd like the phone to notify me for both calendars but use different volume/tone/vibration. The reason is that I'd like meeting reminders to be loud and continuous so that I don't miss a meeting, but for...
  21. A

    Help Change screen notifications for voicemail

    On the Galaxy S7 Edge, with T-mobile service, the icon that shows up when there is a new voicemail message is TINY and in the upper left-hand corner. Does anyone know how to change the size of these icons or set up a different (and more noticeable) visual alert for this??
  22. A

    Help Some apps turns on the notification option

    It is normal that some apps are able to self turn on the notification option? In all games i turn off notifications but some of then days after shows me annoying notifications and guess what. .. notifications option is On. Any solution? Sansung galaxy S4 with 5.0.1 Many thanks and best regards :)
  23. A

    Help Samsung notification 'Google Drive' share request from

    I was swiping through my notifications on my lockscreen (Android 6.0.1; Samsung s6e) and a 'Google Drive' notification had popped up. It was VERY sketchy from something like 'nCdcweEd@asdEdc.com' with a very obvious "Dear Sir, We are a Chinese company selling [...]". So my immediate reaction is...
  24. Android News

    The ringtones and notification sounds from the 2016 Nexus smartphones are available to download

    To continue with Android Police's 2016 Nexus leaks, the website has now uploaded the new ringtones and notification sounds for all to download.
  25. A

    Help How can I set message tones for contact groups on S7 Active?

    Recently updated from S4 Active, where I had discrete message tones to recognize members of various contact groups. S7 Active has a setting for group ringtones, but I don't see a setting for text message tones for groups.