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Please help me find the source of this annoying beep that's actually a ringtone


Sep 15, 2023
Context: I have an Asus Zenfone 8 mini with Android 13. For months, but only intermittently, I've been getting this annoying alert sound with 3 descending tones. I muted sounds and notifications in a bunch of apps, but it kept happening. It seemed like it might correlate with Facebook messenger, but I wasn't getting those notifications when the sound happened.

Finally I turned off ALL notifications - it still happened.

I went into the volume mixer, turned off combined ringtone/notification sync, and started muting each type of sound. It turns out the annoying alert sound is a RINGTONE - I muted the ringtone volume and turned all my notifications back on, and now it's all fine (except I can't hear when my phone rings).

Any idea which app, or which kind of app, might use some kind of background alert sound that's coded as a ringtone and not a notification?
put the phone in safe mode. this will prevent any 3rd party app from running. hopefully it should stop. if it continues than something is wrong with your system apps. if it stops than it is one of your apps you installed. you can then start deleting your apps to find the culprit. start with the most recent and work your way backwards.

and before you delete the app, i would first wipe cache and data for each app, and then un-install the app. sometimes the issue can reside in both cache and data which sometime does not get delete when you un-install an app.
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