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  • Oh for the ps3 troubles, I loged in via scan for the QR code, and it gave me a cod generator to type up right where my usual op key would of been, and it worked.. :) Connected with JJBA in a heartbeat.
    I like that you like a bunch of my comments. Like minds. I just see yours too late, though I do put te like in when I do.
    Part timer but enthusiast and I hate when I see first response being facrtory reset orfirmware flash. There has so be an answer to almost all problems than rebuilding from scratch.
    I mean can you just download Youtube music, from the app via p.c., like Google Music, and have it zipped, I think I tried it a few times though, but not so sure on how simple it was....
    Okay. I will reply to you here, as well. Gotta get root access into this cantankerous, Chinese-made Poblano VLE5 'smart'phone...

    ocnbrze is the man with the plan. If not, he has friends. Smile, everyone.
    Question do you have much XML experience in reference to default.xml and manifest.xml?
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    nope, i do not have much knowledge when it comes to coding. sure i might have picked up a few things here and there mainly due to rooting and reading up on whatever pops up here in the forums........but no i do not have any experience with xml unfortunately.
    same here, just basics in general but nothing substantial. Sorry I couldn't be of help in this matter.
    ive unlocked my evo 4g via htcdev ...and when i try to flash recovery, it drops out of the splash screen exactly 10 sec. and goes black the only option of doin so is the ADB command method as it wont boot norm, so i can not toggle off the fastboot option from within its os. here is info that may help

    supersonic evt1 ship s-on
    touch panel-atmel224_16ab
    dec 21 2011,12:50:32

    ive been @ this for 9 days now, and getting super confused with it really ...lmao plz save me!
    Hey! Looks like your wish was granted.....they "served" you today..all I heard were knives and forks clinkering , wine sips, burps and a "taste like chikken" mumble over a full mouth every now and then!.. Click HERE: to see how you were prepared!
    hey there, I hope all is well with you! I'm grateful how you've helped me numerous time when I had issues with my evo 4g. well I hoping you'll be able to help me with my recent issuse with my phone. my phone died yesterday while i was on it, I charged it afterwards but now its in a restarting loop. I tried recovery mode n wiping cache n dalvik cache but the issuse remains the same. I also tried to restore data that i backed up months ago but it wont work (says " m5 mismatch). any suggestions please???
    rooting my girl friends fhone and every method ends in a dead end down load ( links to downloading software instead of the file). How ever I did get as far as to obtain the serial number of her phone -a process I remember having to do with my EVO under revolutionary- but still can not get any progress........... LG mytouch 4g..... its the LG version not the HTC and its ______not_____ a slide or A------Q
    helllo so I was doing the unrooting guide with the HBOOT 2.18 and I got stuck at the very first part where you enter "adb shell" into cmd it said:
    adb server is out of date. killing...
    adb server didn't ACK
    *failed to start daemon*

    im not sure what to do....please help it will be greatly appreciated
    Hey, i was reading your guide and thinking about rooting my phone but i have some questions. im new to all this so is it possible to unroot my phone if i needed to send it out for repairs or send it back for a replacement? I dont wanna root it and have probs with it later and have to send it out to be repaired or replaced and get screwed. any help here would be appreciated thanks!
    Hi Ocn, I'm thinking of an upgrade to Evo 3D, but I need to ask you some questions as I believe you also have one. I know that to root it will only unlocked the device, not to give s-off. Will I find some difficulties compared to Evo 4G?
    And what about life after root (ROMs, kernels, etc)?
    Thanks Ocn..
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