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  1. S

    50MP camera, but app only creates 30MP photos

    I've got a Moto G31 2nd hand, just received it and set it up. It says on the back (and the specs I find online) it has a 50MP camera. Yet in the camera app, under settings, photos, rear photo resolution, I see "high resolution", "recommended: 7.5MP", "4.8MP". Weird they don't recommend the...
  2. Y

    Photo Viewer from USB

    Greetings from the PNW. I have a new tablet - Galaxy Tab S7. I have many questions but chief among them is: is there a way to view photos that are on a usb stick where I can scroll thru them quickly? I can see the stick and open the folder with the pictures. But can only open one at a...
  3. J

    Source for attaching photos

    I made the terrible mistake of selecting a file in Google Drive to attach to a tweet. Now whenever I want to attach a file to anything it opens Drive. How can I restore the old behavior of opening Files on the local device? Galaxy Tab S7 SM-T870, Android 13,
  4. H

    App who want access of our contact list and photos are safe to use?

    Now days, when ever I download any app, 90% of app want our access of contact list and photos, my question is why. This will make them access our data through apps? My question is these are safe to use or not? We need some of the apps, because we really need them. Lemme know your point of view...
  5. P

    Preventing Screenshots From Saving to Cloud?

    I have a Pixel 6 and I find the security model for the Photos application to be confusing. When I take a screenshot this does NOT appear in the default image view when I start Photos. But if I select "Library" then there is a sub-option for Screenshots. Is that being saved into the cloud...
  6. C

    getting photos from the phone

    i have the galaxy a51 and for some reason when i take photos and plug into the pc and click on the phone then internal dcim and camera i get explore to come up but it will not keep the settings i select for showing the photos. i pick large icons and then descending as i want the last photos to...
  7. S

    Photos Load Slowly in Texts

    I have an LG Velvet 5G and notice that sometimes it takes considerable time for photos to actually appear in both my receieved and sent texts. Example: My brother sends a picture message and I can see a blank space where a picture should be, but it does not appear. It may never appear or will...
  8. D

    Help Hide it pro (audio manager) doubts

    Is hide it pro (audio manager) safe to use? Does it send your photos or videos to its server? I've not given it my Google ID and I'm not using the Google drive backup for this app. can it still create a cloud backup and send the data there or to its server?
  9. L

    Help Are there any programs/applications to recover photos after factory reset?

    Is there a way to retrieve photos if someone didn't back up?
  10. M

    Rooting Moto E5 Possible To Recover Photos With Appropriate Recovery Apps On A Reformatted Android?

    Hello. Nice to meet you all once again! I have a serious dilemma! I need your help and advice! Hello. This past week (Wed., July 22nd, 2020), in the midst of searching on Chrome on my Moto E5 (Non-rooted) [XT1920DL] Tracfone smartphone with Android 8.1.0 I noticed the webpages and the apps...
  11. DennyWeinberg

    [App] Interactive Photo Map for Google Photos and others!

    Photo Map is the perfect Android app for traveler. Your photos are illustrated on a interactive world map, so you never lose track of when and where you have taken them. Tested with more than 100.000 photos! Play Store...
  12. J

    Help Viber saving duplicates photos/videos when enabling "Save to Gallery"

    As the title says, this issue has been on-going since who knows how long, i only noticed it recently though. If you enable the "Save to Gallery" option under Storage & Media in settings, it auto saves the photos and videos in the following places: storage/emulated/0/viber/media/Viber Images...
  13. Android News

    Facebook photo search is now better thanks to AI photo recognition

    Facebook image searches are now a lot easier thanks to the company's AI which can recognize various object within the image even if they are not properly tagged. The feature should work similarly to the search function within Google Photos.
  14. M

    Help SD card: photo thumbnails not being generated

    I have a problem with a new SD card for my Huawei Y5 II (Android v. 5.1.). The problem appeared to have started after I switched the default storage location from Phone storage to SD card. Since then, whenever I take a picture/shoot a video with my phone camera, as it gets saved to SD card...
  15. H

    Help Android photo recovery

    I accidentally deleted all photos on my Samsung Galaxy S5's SD card, and used the DiskDigger app to recover. However, most of the photos recovered are not only poorer quality but only show the faces of the people in the photos, not the entire photos. Any ideas for a re-recovery?
  16. A

    Help 'Service not activated on network' cannot send pics in MMS

    Hi, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy A3. It is fairly new. I tried to send a picture in MMS and it has shown an error message saying 'service not activated on network'. I tried lots of different APN settings which haven't worked. I have credit, and I tried rebooting my phone. Please help.