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Can you run Android Auto app on a tablet instead of your phone?

If you can install Android Auto on the device, it'll connect to the head unit. Doesn't matter if it's a tablet or phone

I am looking for a device to get full screen apps on android auto with out it looking weird. My infotainment screen is 10.25” x 4.5”. My note 10+ has a 6.8 inch screen 1440 x 3040 19:9 ratio but it still has black bars on the top and bottom

Here’s the stupid question.. because the screen size is 3.5” bigger, would the tablet cover more of the screen when mirroring through android auto?
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If you can install Android Auto on the device, it'll connect to the head unit. Doesn't matter if it's a tablet or phone

I have a Samsung Tab A7 running Android 13. I wanted to install Android Auto on it, but when I connected to the Android Play Store I could not find it. Apparently AA is pre-installed on Android OS version 10+ and not available as a separate app for those versions of Android OS. So it seems that you can not install AA on a new Android tablet.
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Android Auto was primarily designed to work with Android smartphones connected to a compatible car's infotainment system. The goal of Android Auto is to provide a safe and optimized interface for using smartphone apps while driving, with the idea that the smartphone is the primary device.

However, using a tablet as a standalone device for Android Auto, replacing the smartphone, might not be a straightforward or officially supported setup. Android Auto relies on the connected smartphone for various functions, including GPS, data connectivity, and more. Tablets typically do not have the necessary hardware (cellular connectivity, GPS, etc.) and software integration to fully replace a smartphone in this context.

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David Ricks
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I had a mulitude of tablets with cellular capability. I still got them, and they still make them. Even the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from 2012 had a GPS, only the cheap throwaway crap from Walmart or Kmart didn't. Phones tend to use A-GPS and need data for it to fully work, while an old tablet can easily run Waze or Navmii offline.

Android Auto functions perfectly fine offline. it's sorta broken on my Ridgeline as the stupid USB-C cable has issues connecting properly leading it to assuming there is zero signal (get the 'x!' icon instead of bars) but I use it to control downloaded YouTube music playlists and it works anyway. sure, you don't get Assistant text reply function but nobody texts me when I ain't home.
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