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  1. W

    App That Creates Daily Reminder With Sub-Interval

    I have an oddly specific requirement for a reminder on my phone. I need an app that creates a reminder prompt at the same time every day and then repeats that reminder every X minutes for Y minutes, a so-called "sub-interval". This is similar to the built-in Windows application, Task Scheduler...
  2. M

    Shareit PC app problem.

    When using the app I can't see where my files are stored on pc but when i look at the disk C the partition's size is decreasing but I can't find the storage file when it's sent and for a clearer view i changed the save to location to another folder but can't find the stuff that's being sent...
  3. W

    Help App to answer calls/messages from unknown/hidden numbers with voice/text message?

    Hello, As a simple way to handle robocalls, I'm looking for an application that, without ringing, would answer the call/text message with a voice/text message "I don't asnwer calls/messages from unknown/blocked numbers. If you wish, leave a voice message or send a text message.", and hang up...
  4. F

    Help Help identify this smile icon

    Can you help me identify this icon from the notification bar on an android phone?
  5. N

    Offline Notes App?

    Hi all, I've been looking all over the Android App Store for a Notes App that doesn't need to connect to the Internet. On my very old Huawei G510-0200 it came with a Notes App that works completely independent from the Internet and this is great. However, it seems like everything wants to...
  6. S

    App file size issues..use of .WebP format images

    I have run into file size problems in an app I am currently working on. So I have converted all my images to the WebP format and reduced the file sizes remarkably . However when attempting to batch process these images to fill the appropriate dpi buckets the pixel densities remain at 72 dpi...
  7. elflamablanca

    Can't add/delete files from my phones app data folders

    I am talking about the Kodi app ... PC\Z Fold5\Internal storage\Android\data\org.xbmc.kodi I got a new phone and I wanted to just move all my files from my Kodi app to the new phone. It will take me forever to get Kodi setup if I have to do it manually. But it doesn't let me drag and drop the...
  8. R

    [NEW Android App] Phone Tracker - GPS Tracker

    Phone tracker is a real-time GPS location tracking app that ensures you can safely monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones. Phone tracker was designed to primarily for find location by phone number, the gps tracker app aims to capture the real-time location of users. It then logs this data...
  9. S

    An app to allow upside down portrait mode?

    I want to allow my phone to rotate the screen all 4 ways. Why should I have to know which end of my phone is which when I pick it up? It's not even consistent, we can have both landscapes, so why not both portraits?!
  10. H

    [APP] Change incoming call screen theme - Color Phone

    10,000+ Newest Call Themes 2023 Color Phone - great call screen app that makes a difference for you. Call screen themes make your call screen more unique and interesting with various screen themes. Color Phone is an application that innovates the incoming call screen right on your mobile phone...
  11. RASelkirk

    Camera vs. banking app

    Hi All, Been doing remote deposit checks since Covid a couple years ago using my LG G6 without any problems. Now I've got a 2 week old A54 that refuses to take proper photos of a check for RD using my credit union app. I tried a dozen times and while the pix looked clear, they would not...
  12. S

    50MP camera, but app only creates 30MP photos

    I've got a Moto G31 2nd hand, just received it and set it up. It says on the back (and the specs I find online) it has a 50MP camera. Yet in the camera app, under settings, photos, rear photo resolution, I see "high resolution", "recommended: 7.5MP", "4.8MP". Weird they don't recommend the...
  13. itstermoh

    (Java) Android IR Blaster app

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread so I hope that this will bring me to a solution. I recently bought a SMART IR Blaster for my phone that connects via otg port. I'm currently making an app to control every kind of device of all brands. I installed the app made for this IR and works...
  14. P

    Testing of Apogee Indigo App

    Which is the best company for testing a mobile app?
  15. RASelkirk

    Looking for a FREE lightweight texting app

    Hi All, Went from an LG G6 to a Samsung A54 over T-Mobile, the factory messaging app sucks! DL'ed a half dozen off Play Store so far, some look good but all have very intrusive ads. My LG factory app was perfect enough that I tried to "APK it" in there, obviously a no-go. I don't really want my...
  16. B

    Note taking app

    Dear android forum I'm looking for an app where I can write, draw, paste images and automatically create a table of contents. It would be used for my studies where I need to make sketches of various things like workflows and physical properties etc, cut out some part of script handed over and...
  17. P

    How do I move an app to my home screen

    quite some time ago I moved my text messaging app back to my home screen and then I locked my home screen to prevent it from ever again moving away from my home screen. However after a recent update the app is once again not on the home screen. How can I move it back to the home screen and...
  18. H

    App notification name?

    (Not my phone so) Which app is the blue quotation marks icon for?
  19. beingbeetle

    App for Limo Business - Ground Alliance

    Hello, Limo Operators and Chauffeurs Ground Alliance is a limo software that's been a game-changer for my business, First and foremost, what I appreciate most about Ground Alliance is its user-friendly interface. It's incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, which is a huge plus for someone...
  20. M

    Help What app notification icon is this?

    What is the icon at the very top above the purple? It looks like E2 or EZ but I've tried to find the app and cannot. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!
  21. E

    Search for an app that lists the installed apps line by line

    Hello! I wrote an app like this myself a few years ago, which no longer works under Android 13. As a senior, a clear alphabetical listing in Text Icon is important to me. Then just the tapped app should be started. Thanks if you have a tip for me
  22. D

    Completely offline news app?

    Does anyone know of an app to read news and other articles that auto updates when it has data but works completely offline? I'm using usa today and it says it has offline, but doesn't work well when offline anyways. I though we'll maybe email news, but all they do is send you links so you need...
  23. TThompson

    Samsung J2 Pro app update boot-loop, need contacts

    So, trying to help out a mate whose phone started to optimise apps and hit "63 of 63" before rebooting. It complains about a missing file/directory, though the friend says nothing was done by him other than turning it on. I charged it overnight and then tried the old "wipe cache" from the...
  24. D

    [APP][FREE] Daily - Simple To-Do & Grocery List App [PROMO CODES]

    What is Daily? Daily is a super simple app you can use to create to-do lists, grocery or shopping lists. Unlike other apps, Daily doesn't have unnecessary features and uses a modern Material You design for the interface. It's intuitive, easy to use and has all features available for free...
  25. B

    Which app is this from?

    It’s a P, but the bottom of the P is a downward-facing arrow!