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Completely offline news app?


May 13, 2023
Does anyone know of an app to read news and other articles that auto updates when it has data but works completely offline? I'm using usa today and it says it has offline, but doesn't work well when offline anyways. I though we'll maybe email news, but all they do is send you links so you need data.

We moved and so many places I go around here the 4g is terrible. Want ro just catch up on the news but can't.
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If you're offline, you're not going to get any news. Wifi, yes but that's being online also.
Well, download while i'm on wifi so I can read later. I just want when I have data for the app to auto refresh. I don't want to have to think about it all the time refreshing the app.

Press Reader seems to work like the app Pocket. It's like you need to figure out while you have wifi which websites you want to read and then download them. Then you can read them offline. It only saves that one site at that moment in time. But, I can't tell it just to download all news stories all the time from abcnews.com and always keep them up to date so, that one moment when I'm offline, I can read what is the most recent when I went offline. With Pocket and Press Reader, a day after I select the site, it's out of date and I'm reading old news.

We have fiber at our house. (Just got it a few months ago. But, most places around my house I have absolutely no cell signal. I go to my kids school for a school function. I'm just trying to pass time while at a football game. I'm not really into the football game. My kids are just there to run around and play with other kids. I can't get online because there's absolutely no cell signal at the school. So, it would be nice to be able to just read the news while I'm there...

I just switched from at&t to verizon wondering if coverage would be any better around my area and it's not. We live in a very rural area. (We jus moved a year ago where we had great coverage everywhere, but we lived in the city. my wife and I are not city folks. we like country land. so, we have that now. but also, we have no cell signal most places we go.)
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