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  1. A

    Help i wanna flash my old, locked, (and i think corrupted?) moto g xt1034 and nothings working

    can someone help? i forgot the password years ago and i cant get in because i keep getting an error message that says "com.android.phone has stopped". i have the firmware, and am in fastboot flash mode but rsd lite wont recognize it :/ help plss
  2. F

    Manufactured locked prisoned device, which device should i buy? Anyone?

    Hi all I am in the market for a reasonable priced tablet/pad purchased the Lenovo M10 for what looked to be a steal, but HDMI dongle would not allow wired screen sharing, Amazon purchase so sent it back. Then purchased the Honor pad x9 which is the best tablet I have ever used “amazing”...
  3. H

    Locked out after phone call

    If someone forgets to end a call after phoning me I find my phone is locked i.e the screen remains black and hitting the power button does not seem to awaken it. My phone -------- Honor 10 lite Android 10
  4. akowaskidageorgian

    {Help} Locked out of Samsung Galaxy S22 after forgetting password

    {Help} Locked out of Samsung Galaxy S22 after forgetting password !!! I Don't look for any kind of 3rd party applications! FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK MY CASE IS "SUSPICIOUS", HERE ARE PROOFS: [ So, out of nowhere I have forgotten my phone's password that I have been using for few months now ( I...
  5. D

    Help Looking for testers for hands-free helper app

    Not sure if this is the right place to find testers for an app that facilitates using a a hands-free device connected to your phone. If you think this app could be useful to you, and are interested in testing it, please send me your email address in a conversation on this forum, and I will add...
  6. P

    kyocera phone locked

    hi and tia, kyocera s4 android one, boots as far as the pattern security screen, accepts the pattern ok but cannot load to homescreen. Goes round and round for a while, sometimes comes back to pattern screen and sometimes switches off. I tried holding vol and on/off switch and it goes into a...
  7. J

    Network Operators is not an Option

    I don't see the option 'Network Operators' under my 'Mobile Devices' settings. I bought this phone from Virgin Mobile and paid for it in full. After two years they put me onto the Boost network. Now, I'm trying to move to my new carrier. When I add the new SIM and boot I see 'Service...