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Help Looking for testers for hands-free helper app


Deleted User

Not sure if this is the right place to find testers for an app that facilitates using a a hands-free device connected to your phone.
If you think this app could be useful to you, and are interested in testing it, please send me your email address in a conversation on this forum, and I will add your email address to the closed testers list in Google Play Console.

The app addresses the following problem, which I believe is relevant only for the more modern phones (at least 2020?): The hands-free device cannot dial out when the phone is locked

A recommended approach to addressing this problem is to make your hands-free device to be a trusted device on your phone. Thereafter, whenever you unlock your phone when connected to the device, the phone remains unlocked for several hours as long as the phone stays connected to the hands-free device.

Of course, things don't always work so smoothly. For example, if your phone happens to already be unlocked when it connects to your hands-free device, the phone will automatically lock later on, likely when you are driving.

The app, BtLos, works as follows, and only when the phone is connected to the hands-free device:
-- Gives a certain style beep when becoming locked
-- Gives a different style beep when becoming unlocked

It is convenient to combine BtLos with the fingerprint unlocking feature of your phone, so that you can unlock your phone without looking at the screen -- the BtLos beep tells you when you have succeeded in unlocking the phone.


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