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hands free

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    Help Looking for testers for hands-free helper app

    Not sure if this is the right place to find testers for an app that facilitates using a a hands-free device connected to your phone. If you think this app could be useful to you, and are interested in testing it, please send me your email address in a conversation on this forum, and I will add...
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    Google confirms they're shutting down Hands Free on February 8th

    Hands Free was a project from Google that enabled customers to pay by simply saying 'I'll pay with Google' instead of having to pull out a phone or money. Google says they have collected up all of the feedback and will "bring the best of the technology to even more people and stores."
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    Google publishes a developer video for their mobile payments app, Hands Free

    Google first introduced its Hands Free mobile payments application back in March of this year but today they've released a video to help developers integrate the service into their company's PoS system.
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    Help handsfree testing bluetooth

    I own the Moto X Pure running Android 6.0. So riddle me this batman, Why can't android phones natively handle hands free texting through Bluetooth? Texting kills 11 teenagers a DAY. I just don't get it, Windows and Apple phones handle it natively very well but one of the richest and largest...
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    Google announces a new mobile payments application called Hands Free

    Unlike Android Pay or even Google Wallet, Hands Free is a way for people to pay for products and services without even pulling out their phone. The app is currently in beta and limited to the South Bay area of San Francisco, but having the app installed will let you get an alert if you are near...