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augen gentouch

  1. C


    Does anyone know if gentouch makers hav gone bellyup
  2. M

    Genbook wireless help.

    I have a Genbook 108 with armv6 and Android 2.1, and so far have been unable to get the wireless working. It sees a couple of networks, not mine, but won't connect to the one that is unsecure. Occaisionally it sees my network, but lists it as "not in range, remembered". Once it showed up, but...
  3. M

    Help How do copy the memory, OS, settings, everything?

    On a netbook, not phone, running Android 2.1, I want to experiment with flashing the rom to a higher Android. How would I back up the factory installation to a SD card or USB stick? Thanks for the help.
  4. M

    Can you run linux aps on Android 2.1?

    Just got an Augen 108 Genbook, Arm11 processor android 2.1. Does anyone know if linux prgrams such as abiword will run on this? How would you install it? Thanks for any help. I am brand new to Android, but have linux of various flavors on all my desktops and laptops.
  5. B

    Root Drivers and Rooting the Gentouch 78

    Hey all, I'm new to android so I don't particularly know everything on what I'm talking about, but I recently acquired an Augen Gentouch78 and thought, due to a nearly nonexistant marketplace and for lack of anything better to do it may be a good idea to root it. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on...
  6. M

    Help Black Screen NBA7400A

    When powered on, I see the boot screen and then the android logo. After the android logo there is just a black screen. I can hear the startup sound and keyboard strokes, but there is just a black screen. Is there anyway to do a factory reset or reflash the netbook? Thanks.
  7. T

    Augen Gentbook NOOK screen orientation

    The NOOK app is horizontal on my netbook screen. Is there a way to rotate the app vertically? My OS is Android 2.1.
  8. H

    Help Help adding epub file to Augen

    I don't know where to add my epub file. I mounted my Augen to my laptop and there were two files that popped up. One folder was DCIM and Download. I assumed I should put my Epub file in the download folder. So I pasted the file there and demounted my Augen. I checked for my file on my Augen and...
  9. T

    Help Help with Augen Genbook

    I just aquired a used Augen Genbook. It has Android 1.6 on it. It appears to be missing some "apps" according to the manual and the "market" doesn't find apps that I can find on my android powered sprint phone. I'm wondering if I can reinstall the android software on this Genbook, or if I...
  10. M

    Help AUgen sleeping issue

    I'm sure from work I can do a mass search and find the answer, but im at home and resources are limited. ive done something setting wise to my wife's gt78 and now everytime i hit the power button instead of it asking me if i want to power down it goes to sleep. the battery is dying fast...
  11. M

    Help angry birds and augen gt78

    ok I got a copy of this game loaded on my zt180 and everything works great. my wifes augen however, different story. It installs it runs and its about 80% all good. however there are large blocks of graphics that "pop up" as blank. for example, 1st screen, you slingshot the birds into the...
  12. C

    Augen to release new tablests.

    Looks good. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. Augen Android tablet bonanza: Espresso Doppio dual boots Ubuntu, Firma packs magical pen powers -- Engadget
  13. G

    Augen GenBook 74 Mini Netbook

    I bought an Augen GenBook 74 mini netbook computer from Kmart last week for $99. It's a pretty interesting new toy and will suffice for light wi-fi web surfing and e-mail checking. I've posted a complete review here: Augen GenBook 74 Mini Netbook. The device uses Android 1.6 and the...
  14. Ramzes13

    7" Tablet...not bad

    I know some people will not agree with me on this but read on. I picked up the Augen Gentouch78 from K-Mart 2 days ago. out of the box, it wasn't really user friendly at all, screen was slow to respond load times were horrible. SO I have been tweaking and loading all updates and even the...
  15. J

    Augen GenTouch

    Anybody tried the Augen Gentouch from Kmart? I'm thinking of getting one but I wanted to hear what everybody else thought. Here's more info on it Augen's $150 Android tablet hits Kmart circular, coming to stores later this week -- Engadget
  16. I

    augen 7" 2.1

    this is actually my first thread, but i feel obligated to share this since i didn't see it anywhere else :) GENTOUCH on the augen website they have an extremely cheap tablet running 2.1 and it has pretty good specs, its also advertised in this weeks Kmart add. Product Features...