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augmented reality

  1. Atsix26

    Apps ARCore app crashing on Android Emulator

    I'm developing an ARCore app with Unity and I'm trying to test it on Android Studio's Android Emulator. I've built the .apk file and installed it on the virtual device but the app crashes a few seconds after starting up. Before that, it's only possible to see the app's UI, while the rest of the...
  2. A

    [Game][7.0+] New Game Hunt AR : Augmented Reality Shooting Game

    Hello everyone, My name is Anish and I would like to present to you all an Augmented Reality game Hunt AR. Hunt AR is an Augmented Reality Shooting Game and Hunting game in which you hunt the birds in the real world. This game is inspired by the famous video game Duck Hunt which I used to play...
  3. Android News

    Bose AR audio-only augmented reality platform asks, 'Who needs screens?'

    The new Bose AR platform earns the distinction of taking an audio-only approach to augmented reality.
  4. admyrick

    Google Expeditions now includes tours of MLB stadiums

    To celebrate the ongoing MLB World Series, Google Expeditions has announced new virtual tours of different MLB stadiums including Citi Field in New York and Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.
  5. Android News

    Target uses augmented reality to help you shop for furniture

    Like many others, Target will use augmented reality to make it easier for you to shop furniture. You'll be able to use an AR app to digitally view the furniture as it would appear in your home to get a preview of how it looks.
  6. O

    Toys R Us using AR to help drive more people to stores

    Toys R Us is going through a rough patch after recently having to file for bankruptcy. One of the ways they hope to rebound is by transforming their shopping experience with the use of augmented reality stations to have virtual fun inside the store.
  7. Android News

    What's the difference between Tango and ARCore?

    On the surface, ARCore and Tango feel like entirely unique approaches to augmented reality. But if you take a closer look with us, you'll see these two things are part of the same larger system Google has been working on for years.
  8. Android News

    Google ARCore brings a software-based AR platform

    Google is retiring their efforts in Tango in favor of ARCore, a new AR platform that doesn't require new hardware. This is likely a play to compete with Apple's ARKit.
  9. Android News

    What Google Lens means for the future of augmented reality

    Adam from Android Authority takes a look at Google Lens and how the upcoming app impacts artificial intelligence and augmented reality for Google.
  10. Android News

    Hands-on: ASUS ZenFone AR with Tango [VIDEO]

    At Google I/O 2017, it was announced that the ASUS ZenFone AR with Tango would be launching on Verizon later this Summer. Google and ASUS offered a hands-on with the device, providing Phandroid the opportunity to check out what the device will be capable of once it's launched.
  11. Android News

    Daydream Euphrates is the latest update to Google's VR platform

    Daydream Euphrates has been announced at Google I/O 2017 and will bring an all-new experience to your virtual reality devices. The update also includes a built-in VR web browser, while also adding a 2D panel to allow users to access normal Android functions in VR.
  12. Android News

    How to watch Google's VR and AR I/O livestream

    Google I/O 2017 is still taking place, and today at 12:30 there will be a live stream of the conference regarding Google's AR and VR initiative, where are expecting to learn more about the new standalone VR headset.
  13. Android News

    More AR apps are gaining support for Google's Tango

    Google has announced that the Tango AR platform will soon be integrated with the Unity game engine.
  14. Android News

    This is the difference between VR and AR

    Russel from VR Heads has compared VR and AR to show everyone what the differences are between the two assets.
  15. Android News

    Samsung's C-Labs will be showing off new VR projects at MWC 2017

    Samsung is planning to show off some new AR and VR projects at MWC. The projects come from Samsung's C-Labs department.
  16. Android News

    Snapchat's Lenses may be more advanced in the future

    A new report suggests that Snapchat's Lenses feature may see an updated with some various enhancements. This includes the ability to overlay AR content onto specific objects.
  17. Android News

    Google partners with the Detroit Institute of Arts to include Tango-infused tours

    Google has announced a partnership with the Detroit Institute of Arts which allows visitors to experience the museum with a Tango-enabled smartphone. The program uses the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro at the visitors request, and will help you learn more about each exhibit.
  18. Android News

    Hands-on with the ASUS ZenFone AR says it will probably be great once it works

    Russell from Android Central went hands-on with the ASUS ZenFone AR and states the device is shaping up to be a decent phone.
  19. Android News

    Snap Inc. reportedly invested millions of dollars to "get better" with augmented reality

    A new report claims that Snap Inc. (owners of Snapchat), purchased an Israeli augmented reality company for between $30 and $40 million.
  20. Android News

    Samsung working on new Gear VR, mixed reality tech, too

    Samsung has confirmed that they are, in fact, working on a new version of the Samsung Gear VR. There are no details on what Samsung will improve in the new model. The company is also reportedly working on augmented or mixed reality tech.
  21. Android News

    This new augmented reality app will build the White House on a $1 bill

    A new augmented reality application has been released on the Play Store by the name of '1600' and will build a virtual white house on top of an actual $1 bill.
  22. Android News

    Motorola's CEO claims that Tango AR is "probably coming" to the Moto Z lineup

    Motorola's CEO stated that a Tango add-on module is likely coming to the Moto Z lineup of devices.
  23. Android News

    Apple rumored to be working on its own version of Google Glass

    A new rumor claims that Apple has ordered a "small quantities of near-eye displays" and will be using them to develop augmented reality glasses which could connect to an iPhone to display images and notifications within the wearer's field of vision - similar to Google Glass. The product in...
  24. Android News

    The Microsoft HoloLens is now available for pre-order and expected to ship in November

    Microsoft's foray into augmented reality, the HoloLens, is now available for pre-order in Europe. The new AR headset is priced at £2,719 for consumers and a "Commercial Suite" edition is priced at £4,529.
  25. Android News

    Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks augmented reality has a better future than VR

    Apple's Tim Cook gave his thoughts on VR and AR in a recent interview. He believes augmented reality is the more interesting tech going forward. His reasoning is that augmented reality makes for an experience that you can share with others, where as VR is more closed off.