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  1. L

    Automation for tracking while running/walking

    Hello everyone, I want to create an unusual automation on the smartphone. "Tasker for Android" is said to be very suitable for this. Goal: The smartphone should automatically record my route when I enter a certain area. And when I leave the area again stop the recording. These routes should then...
  2. raywood

    Help Moto e5 camera app auto-crops my face

    My e5 has decided to start cropping photos in which my face appears. It's drawing orange rectangles around my face, and that's all it saves in the photo. Any idea why it's doing this? I tried Motorola/Lenovo support. They had no idea. Example (can't seem to get image to appear here)...
  3. Android News

    Automatic Pro review says it's a simple and reliable way to analyze your driving

    David of Android Police just published his review of the Automatic Pro, a gadget that can help you analyze the way you drive. While it can help you to be a more efficient driver, he feels that it is better used by businesses/parents who want to keep tabs on their employees/kids.